Understanding A Solar Power System

The solar energy is a promising source for powering up the houses. However it is expensive to start with and therefore it is not very popular amongst the domestic users. However, the governments are encouraging their people to go solar and install the solar power system.

A solar power system is composed of numerous parts and the users must understand its composition to make the best use of the system.

Types Of Solar Power Systems

There are two main kinds of the solar power system depending upon their connection to the national grid. These are explained below:-

Connected To Grid Solar Power System

Such kind of solar systems are connected to the national power system. The amount of electricity generated by these is accounted for by the power company and any surplus energy is shared by the power company with other users.

The power company is also responsible to make payments for any energy that they make use of.

Stand Alone Solar Power System

These systems are independent of the national power grid. Any surplus power generated by these is wasted. These are generally used for the RVs and other far off places where access to national grid is not easily possible.

Advantages Of Solar Power System

The solar power system is gaining popularity because of its numerous inherent advantages. A few of these are listed below:-

  1. The governments are trying to motivate the people for switching to solar energy. Therefore they are giving the incentives like tax exemptions and easy loans for installing of the solar power system.
  2. Installment of the equipment is expensive but subsequently cheap electricity is available for the household.
  3. Any surplus energy generated by the system can be used by the power companies if your system is connected to a grid. This will result in generation of revenue as the power company shall make payments for any energy used by them.
  4. The energy is produced without causing any harm to the environment. Therefore it is popular amongst the people conscious of saving environment.

Dependence On Battery

The solar power systems can also be differentiated by their dependence on battery. A battery is not an essential component of the solar system. However it acts as a back up during the hours when the sunlight is not available. The battery is charged by the solar panel during day time and this charged battery is used to run appliances during the dark hours.

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