Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

May it be in movies, but human intelligence has amazed the aliens too. Humans have demonstrated immense intelligence with their methods of survival. But now this survival depending upon the consumption of energy provided by the earthly sources is endangered. This is due to the exhaustion of energy resources.

In the past few years, human intelligence has worked hard enough in discovering and exploiting new and renewable alternative energy resources. These alternative energy resources include wind, ethanol, and biodiesel etcetera.

Before The Advent of Alternative Energy

To be clear, until a few years back, the matter of finding alternative energy resources was not on anyone’s top priority list. People were not concerned with what effects their oil/gas consumption was having on the earth’s resources. They were in their comfort zones with comfortable cash to run their engines. The government continued to make long term investments in the petroleum/gasoline sector as it seemed like the only worthy-of-payment article.

Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

Just when all seemed well and smooth, oil and gas prices started to rise. This rise did not stick to a level but continued its climb till the unaware minds grabbed some sense out of it. The governments began to realize the urgency of the not-so-never-ending oil resources.

People began to itch at their gas bills as the numbers on it doubled. That is when power companies and government leaders put some thought into designing a survival strategy. This strategy now had finding alternative energy resources on the top of their lists.

Work of Action

One of the initiatives was taken by the government of Brazil. Brazil did not choose to wait till they heard the gas price screams, instead, they turned to ethanol. The ethanol fuel seemed like a plausible solution to the resources problem and an alternative energy resource. Brazil, now, has various power stations that consume ethanol as their fuel for energy harnessing. This demonstrates the sensible decision of finding a problem and then its solutions. Unfortunately, America, though on the move, is still a bit disoriented towards the idea of alternative energy resources. Apparently its action is waiting till the last drop of petroleum ceases to exist.

Urgent Realizations

Some urgent realizations that need to looked into are that first of all, alternative energy is a game that human mind is very new to. It is not one of the sciences that scientists have worked into for hundreds of years. The laws and formulas for new energy resources are unfinished. The turn towards alternative energies was a late and a needy one. Thus humans seemed to be destined to suffer the consequences of their late realizations.

Notoriety of the ‘Alternative Energy Resources’

The thought of alternative energy resources brings chills down the spine of those who understand the seriousness of the situation. Also, this idea brings about another one, which is of getting out of our comfort zones of consuming infinite amounts of oil and gas, and into working hard and compromising on something new, and then worse- settling for it.

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