Solar Energy Rebate in Florida

Solar energy is proving to be a very good alternative to electricity produced from oil and gas at thermal power stations. It is safe for the environment and is un-exhaustible. Understanding this vast potential of solar energy, the Governments around the world are encouraging the consumers to switch to solar energy.

They offer lucrative incentives and rebates. One such measure is the Florida rebate offered to the residents of Florida.

Florida Rebate

This is a programme to make the state of Florida increase its electricity generation capacity. In this regard, a senate bill titled Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act was passed in 2006. This bill caters for the use of renewable energy sources in the state of Florida. It is also called the Energy Act.

Energy Act

The Florida rebate has another important provision called the Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Program. This programme allows various amounts of grants to the researchers and companies to promote the use of renewable fuel. It aims at building up alternate fuel vehicles and construction of renewable energy power systems.

This act has also resulted in creation of a nine member Florida Energy Commission. Finally, the act provides a one-week sales tax holiday for the purchase of energy efficient products in early October.

Tax Exemptions

The Florida rebate announced a one week sales tax exemption on all kinds of equipment related to the development and utilization of renewable energy resources. These exemptions are applicable to the solar energy too.

Initially these exemptions were drafted in 20001 for one year but were extended till 2003. However, the tax exemptions for solar energy have been made a permanent feature in Florida rebate.

Programmes Offered By Florida Rebate Act

The Florida Energy Act has offered many incentives and initiated the programmes to promote the use of solar energy. A few of these programmes are listed below:-

1. Financial Assistance

The residents of Florida are being offered lucrative packages for producing solar electricity. A few of these rebate measures are:-

  1. The residential rebate of $4/watt DC with the maximum $20,000.
  2. The commercial, multi family and non-profit organizations can earn $4/watt DC with the maximum rebate limit as $100,000.
  3. Residential rebate of $500 per installation of the Solar Water Heating systems. It is $ 15 for the commercial establishments

The application for the rebate must be forwarded within four months of installation of the solar power system.

2. Leasing Of Equipment

In addition, a number of companies have come up that offer the solar equipment at very easy installments. A few of these are:-

  1. Clay Electric Cooperative
  2. Gulf Power Solar Thermal Water Heating Pilot Program
  3. JEA Solar Incentive Program
  4. Progress Energy Florida
  5. Orange County Solar Hot Water Rebate Program
  6. Lakeland Electric Solar Water Heating Program

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