Making A Solar Generator at Home

Electricity generators are becoming popular in the areas affected by load shedding. These come in various configurations like petroleum, diesel and compressed natural gases. However, the increase in fuel prices is a hurdle in their use.

As a result, people are switching to alternate sources like solar energy.

Solar Generator


A solar generator is a device that uses the solar energy to produce electric current for home use. These come in various capacities and sizes.

The solar generators are comparatively expensive but they are cost efficient because they do not use any fuel. They are also safe for environment because there is no emission of greenhouse gases.

Making A Solar Generator

The solar generators are very expensive as compared to the other fuel generators available in market. But one can make the generator at his home by using commonly available components. Following is the procedure of making a cheap solar generator for your home:-

1. First step is to purchase a small sized solar panel. A suitable panel for this purpose is the one operating at 16 Volts but a 12 volt panel may also work quite well. Such a panel is available in market for around a hundred dollars.

2. The next step is to buy a battery. It is preferable to select a deep cycle battery so that it has a longer life. The size of the battery is not that important in this context. A common 12 volt acid battery is available around 50 dollars.

3. Obtain a battery box to protect the battery. It is a comfortable utility and also helps in protecting your children. This cover can be purchased for 10 dollars.

4. Then you need to spend around 25 dollars for purchasing a 12 volt DC meter. Important thing to note in this regard is to ensure that the voltage rating on all the components.

5.  Next step is to buy a DC input for 10 dollars. It is used to connect to the small appliances like radios and CD players etc.

6. You can also purchase a converter for 50 Dollars. But this is additionally an additional component and you may skip it if you like.

Advantages Of Building A Solar Generator

The above components offer you the option to have your own power generator for only three hundred dollars. This can be used very conveniently to power the small appliances during the period of power outages.

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