How To Make Your Own Solar Panel

In today’s technological era, one can not imagine life without electricity. Electricity has become a very important element of our lives. The consumption of electricity starts from the tiny thing like bulb, and goes up to bulky machines. As the use of electricity is rising, it also gives rise to utility bills. Many times one is blamed at home for the high utility bills. Partially it is due to supply and demand. Energy is the main requirement of people and companies are eager to give them at irrational prices.

Ozone layer is being depleted due to heavy pollution. Approximately all the countries of the world are anxious regarding pollution. And only what can make the difference, is these solar energy panels. Solar panels are kind to environment and they don’t cause any pollution. Why to pay more for the consumption and why not to produce on your own. Sun is the only natural and major source of energy. It can be used by anyone who has the right equipment, to use sun rays for energy production. The panel has the ability to generate solar energy.

Though the use of sun rays to produce energy is not new, and it has been around us for a long time. Solar power is a very effective way to reduce the charges of your electricity bill. But how to make your own solar panel, the process described below is a basic example of technology to make you understand in a better way.

Take a one square feet of copper sheet, and put it on a burner for about half an hour. The sheet will be coated with black oxide. Now allow the sheet to cool for 20 minutes or more. When it will cool down the black oxide coating will crumble off, leaving a red coating in its place. A device is ready that can rein sun rays and convert it to energy. Hook it to a current detection device while keeping your plate in the sun. The current of energy being produced can be seen.

You can also conserve this energy by attaching a battery to it and can be used in your office and home. There are also other modes of making solar panels. It’s a onetime investment that could give you a long term benefit. Though this panel is only for small minor use, for major uses, you would have to get it done professionally. But whatever be the cost of this, remember it will save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills, which probably is a worthy investment.

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