How Grid-Tie System Works?

The solar power panel system capable to pass on electricity produced by it to local network of power distribution company is commonly know as Grid-tie power system. It off-course entails the power company to give you credit for the amount of electricity your power system threw over the network.The solar power panels produce direct current (DC) which has inherited drawback that it cannot be passed on over a long network. Additionally we cannot use it in our home electric devices which run on alternating current (AC).

How Grid-Tie System Works

Therefore essentially we need a converter which converts DC into AC. Another device known as electrical power panel connects the solar power panel to the network. When strength of the current produced by your power system increases it start pumping out the energy over the network and the electricity measuring device starts running reverse.

Elements of a Grid-Tie System

A Solar Power Panel: The essential element of grid-tie system is solar power panel. It produces power in the form of DC. The size of the panel depends on the energy requirements of your home or commercial building.

Inverter: As the solar panel produces power in the from of DC and we need AC to power up or devices and to role over the power to the grid-system of local power distribution company, so we need inverter.

Combiner Box: A combiner box is a device which accumulates the links of all solar power panels in one unit.

DC Breaker Box: The DC breaker box immediately closes down the power system in case of any irregular voltage and saves it from damages and short circuiting.

Grid Disconnect: The grid disconnect system is used to disconnect electricity streaming into the power grid system from your solar power panel. Thus is used to make sure your power system shall remain safe in case of abnormal voltage distributed through the main grid system.

The Cost Structure

Frankly speaking, the cost of the grid-tie solar power system depends on the size and type of the power system you need to install. Once you have decided it you need to make a list of elements. We have already gone through the essential elements required: a solar power panel, an inverter, a GFCI, a grid disconnects, a solar array breaker and a rail system.

Then you need to ask quotes of the elements one by one. If you think it is a time consuming and laborious task you can alternatively consider a Solar Grid-Tie System (SGTS).

Ready Solar Grid-Tie System (SGTS)

Solar Grid-Tie System (SGTS)

You can but a ready to use SGTS which not only includes all the necessary elements of the system but also includes the installation guide and the necessary mounting rails and the clamps you would probably remember when erecting the system of your own specifications.

Labor Charges

The SGTS are often erected by the person who opted to install it and purchased it. But if in your opinion you cannot perform the task by yourself, you can seek services of solar power installation technician at reasonable rates.

The experts suggest that even you are capable to erect your power system by your own, do not try to connect the system to the local network grid system. It may sometimes be dangerous. Ask for the technician and let him do the task.


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