Growth Of Nanosolar System

Solar power is a reliable form of energy. Nanosolar has recently gained popularity with thin-film technology introduction. Press and media also support and broadcast information about this technology. Thin film technology is a cost-effective medium of energy generation. Fewer resources are required to build and support this technology.

Popularity Of Nanosolar System

Nanosolar thin-film technology has earned the most popular science award named “Innovation of the year.” Nanosolar Company is gaining popularity worldwide through different mediums. They have begun to print off solar panels similar to a newspaper press. This allows quick and easy methods of production. This is an extremely efficient way of converting sunlight to electricity.

Evolution Of Nanosolar System

This company began in 2002 to experiment with the solar power. Founders are both Stanford PHD’s: “Martin Roscheisen and Brain Sager”. Investors give the seed money. The prominent among these investors are the Google founders “Sergey Brin and Larry Page.” The aim of Nanosolar system is to deliver cost-effective solar electricity.

Productivity Of Nanosolar System

In 2007, Nanosolar Company started its production. They got a total of 647000 square feet area to set up a manufacturing space for achieving their target.

Thin film solar cells idea is almost ten years old. However, many problems were forced to sustain this technology. There is a semiconductor deposited on the cell. This was done by using vacuum. It was a slow and very costly process. The glass was used as a substrate for the functioning. This again is not a viable option due to the weight and fragility of glass.

Growth Of Nanosolar Energy System

Nanosolar energy system jumped into the market. It introduced a thin metal sheet on which nanoparticle ink was sprayed. The inspiration was printing paper and its mechanism. This technology will cut the price largely. The 4.83$ per watt will drop down to $1 per watt.

Purchasing this product will involve a bit of delay. This is because the product of the next shift is all booked already. Nanosolar Company is planning to increase production. They will soon inaugurate their manufacturing plant in Germany.

Demand Of  Nanosolar Energy System

Nanosolar is awarded $20 million from Solar America Initiative Award. This may help them increase the energy production. It fulfills their rising demands efficiently. Other companies in the market are also producing thin-film solar cells. AVA Solar, First Solar now run in the market. Many others will start soon.

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