Global Warming

Earth does not belong to just particular individual. It has been present since millions and billions of years and has undergone radical changes. These changes have occurred in terms of climate and evolution of species over a lot of time. Global Warming is one aspect of how nature and climate has changed over time.

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

Evolution of mankind is a natural process. The catalyst in this process is the constantly changing climate. Due to climate change a lot things have simple reshaped and reconstructed themselves. However, a very major and serious threat waits. Global Warming is an issue that must be addressed promptly and contributions must be made to save the planet. Global Warming must be fought back to survive.

Responsibility Of Mankind – Global Warming

As the prime and most intelligent specie on the planet, it is the responsibility of mankind to prevent Global Warming. The Global Warming is an issue of intense debate and a lot of controversy. Clear signs of the Global Warming appeared back in 20th century after mass industrial revolution worldwide and weather changes.

Effects Of Global Warming On People

Many individuals have personally witnessed the Global Warming changes. Global Warming is primarily the increase in temperature. The temperature increase is quite drastic and bizarre. Global Warming is said to have increased the Earth’s temperature which may have several negative effects on the environment.

Famous Events – Global Warming Is The Cause

Some of the most renowned events occurred due to Global Warming is the breaking of ice glaciers. Ice glaciers are large masses of ice and snow accumulated together. In 2005, experts noticed the Ayles Ice Shelf breakup. This breaking was visible through satellite images. The glacier was as long as 41 miles and one of the largest.

Breaking Of Ice Shelf’s

Similarly, other Ice Shelf’s have completely broken down. Much more has occurred on the North Pole where snow caps are constantly melting. The melting of snow causes a very negative impact on the natural environment. Water level in the sea rises dramatically. It causes flooding in the low lying areas.

The Effects Of Global Warming

The melting of ice and Global Warming also triggers certain reactions. The depletion of Ozone Layer is one of those processes. Ultra Violet Rays penetrate the Earth’s environment and cause diseases like Leukemia and Skin Cancer. Eye cataracts are also caused by such rays and certain complications in pregnancy also arise.

Awareness Campaigns – Time To Wake Up

Awareness Campaigns Time To Wake Up

Even after a lot of awareness campaigns many individuals are not aware of Global Warming. It is one threat that must be faced together as a collective community. People many a times do not consider it their duty to contribute. It must be kept in mind that efforts must be made collectively to ensure the survival of our species.

Life Is Linked – How Global Warming Works

Everything on Earth is interconnected. One process affects the other and a series of chain reactions may cause invertible disasters. The rising of oceans and seas will cause low lying areas to permanently drown. Rain Forest and other natural biomes will completely wipe out and marine life will slowly extinct.

Conserve The Environment – Save The Earth

Global Warming must be dealt with immediately. Conservation of environment must be kept it mind. Many individuals consider Global Warming as a myth. However it is not a myth. Global Warming is very real and already infiltrated the lives of millions of individuals directly or indirectly.

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