Global Warming – As An Opinion

Global warming is a hot, controversial topic, that seems to be eating away at every citizen, every leadership and every country, but the sad fact; people don’t care less. So what exactly is this thing called, “Global Warming”? Let’s have a closer look.

As Public Opinion

As an opinion global warming means, the end of the world. Ask any common citizen or even a kid as to what they think is global warming, you’ll get a straight answer, “the Earth dying.” No scientific claims, no political answers. And this public opinion is in a way true. With the constant pollution and emission of dangerous gases, our planet Earth is slowly, gradually suffocating and dying, and if this is the pattern that we continue to live in, Mother Nature might as well bid us farewell. Still people will continue to use a car for a five minutes walk, continue to burn stuff, continue to live life like as if nothing affects them.

global warming

As a Political Opinion

Politicians in collaboration with multinational leaders may state global warming as a “social and financial concern”. Social as it would require  massive setups to control it and financial as most politicians and corporates don’t really want to waste their invested money in carbon fuels and oil.

They don’t really care if the world gets to an end, as all they care is their large banks and investments. Politicians use global warming as a premise for their election campaigns, claiming great legal rights, but doing nothing in actual. Sad but true.

As a Scientific Opinion

Ok! atleast science and scientists are concerned with the world. According to science, what is global warming? “The Earth growing hotter each day, due to the massive amount of pollution, carbon dioxide and other green house gases that is emitted into the air.” This makes the planet hotter, creating a major global shift in weather and climate patterns. More rainfalls, more floods, more heat, more temperatures.

Scientists need to make new devices, bring up new inventions to curb global warming. If it wasn’t for these guys, we wouldn’t be having solar power, green electricity or any of that other popular renewable energy that we have been reading about. The problem is the time duration. It takes very long to test, approve and make a product available for commercial use.


Global warming is a hugely debated topic, which unfortunately has remained a debated topic, even though we are facing glaring facts of its impact on us. As common public the least we can do is try to individually help in the healing process. Don’t use fossil fuels too much, save electricity, save water, and the other basic precautions.

There is nothing that we can expect from our leaders and politicians, as whatever has to be done has to start from the people. We  have created a vicious cycle of consumerism, which is now gradually affecting the very core of our planet and needless to say 50 years from now, we will be facing severe weather conditions. Let’s not keep global warming as an opinion anymore, but rather as a problem that needs action right away.

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