Expansion of Geothermal Projects in Nevada

Geothermal energy is thermal energy stored in the earth. Thermal energy is energy that determines the temperature of matter. Earth geothermal energy originates from the original formation of planet, from radioactive decay of minerals, from volcanic activity, and from solar energy absorbed at the surface. The geothermal gradient, which is the difference in temperature between the core of the planet and its surface, drives a continuous conduction of thermal energy in the form of heat from the core to the surface.

San Emidio power plant

San Emiodio power plant was  built to produce with a name of producing 2.5 to 3MW of an electric power, energy was transferred through a 60 kV transmission line. It was supposed to provide the regular out put mentioned but due some reasons San Emidio power plant was unable to deliver the required amount of energy.

It was then bought by the United States geological survey and by injecting 0.6 million dollars it was revived to one third of its total output.

Up gradation of San Emidio power plant

The San Emidio power plant was planned to be upgraded in two phases. Phase I consists of relocation and replacement of the existing power plant with new 11.5 MW capacity and will have  a net electrical output of between 9.1 and 8.1 MWs depending on seasonal and other variations. Phase II is planned 26 MW expansion power plant.

Phase I & Phase II development

United states Geological survey in Nevada state alone is constructing a new generation, water-cooled binary cycle power plant that produces renewable base load electricity.

The TAS modular plant is expected to provide rapid development schedule of 12 months and will use R-134 refrigerant which is non-volatile and reduces permitting and insurance requirements for the project. No drilling will be required for the phase I since the new plant will utilize the production and injection wells which are currently use by the existing San Emidio power plant. The existing plant will be decommissioned when the new plant achieves commercial operation, and new anticipated commercial operation date is 4th quarter of 2011 for phase I and 4th quarter of 2013 for phase II.

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