Difference Between Passive Solar and Residential Solar Energy

The distinction between the passive solar and residential solar energy may be mystifying for large number of individuals. You will find here some more elucidation about the distinctions between these two systems. First, you will learn about the residential solar energy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy, as it is also evident from the name is the solar energy for house instead of business. The various houses may utilize the option of residential solar energy to diverse levels. They use it as per their liking or requirement. Few of the houses in this regard may only have some outdoor solar lights. The others may use the residential solar energy system for the purpose of heating water only. There may be certain houses that completely depend upon residential solar energy to fulfill their power needs.

Solar Panels and Solar Cells

The solar power is by and large derived from the solar panels that are prepared with the help of solar cells and fluid systems. The Residential solar system is also known as an active solar system. The active solar system entails the perfunctory systems.

Passive Solar Systems

As against the residential solar systems, the passive solar systems are those systems that utilize the innate sunlight for shrinking the use of power. It can also be stated that a passive solar home is incorporated in such a manner to derive the optimum benefit of the sunlight. Passive solar homes are devised on the basis of sustainability techniques.

How Passive Solar Works?

The passive solar technique may comprise of the huge windows to congregate light, fans for the heat allocation, stone floor coverings, and open areas.

The passive solar heating functions by crafting building facets to soak up heat, discharges it and finally passes it on.

Tree Next to your Home

Another design of passive solar technique is to have a huge deciduous tree (tree that shed leaves in winter) near your home. This tree will provide shadow to your house during summer timings. Nonetheless, in winter season, the tree will discard the leaves; hence facilitate the sunlight to get into your home.

Passive Solar is a Cost Effective Solution

Passive Solar Energy

One of the benefits for constructing a house that integrates passive solar technique is that it involves a less cost in constructing the home in comparison to what you have to pay to some acclaimed service provider for building the home. On the contrary, the residential solar energy system can be costly to build up. There is no doubt about the fact, that after construction, it needs a small wear & tear and virtually abolishes the whole energy expenses, the sun rays can be derived free of cost.


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