Benefits of Wind Turbines

Wind is a vast source of energy. The kinetic energy of the wind can be experienced in case of hurricanes and tornadoes. This devastating power of the wind can be harnessed to make it beneficial for the mankind. The wind turbines are one such measure that converts the power of the wind into electric current.

Wind Turbine

The wind turbines find their ancestors in the shape of the wind mills used to mill the grains in the past. These turbines get the driving power from the kinetic energy of the wind. The turbine revolves and produces a steady amount of current that can be used for running appliances. This current is dependant on the speed of the wind. The greater the wind speed, the greater shall be the intensity of current produced.

Benefits Of Wind Turbines

Wind power has become one of the largest growing sources of renewable energy over the last seven years. Wind turbines are becoming popular because of their following benefits:-

1. Free Energy

The growing fuel prices are the biggest concern of modern era. Unlike the petroleum, the wind power is free and a renewable source of energy.

It is a never ending source of energy which is very cost effective to tap.

2. No Green House Gases

The wind turbine produces electric current without the production of any harmful gas. No burning action takes place and the carbon dioxide is not produced. Hence the wind turbines are a source of green electricity for the planet.

3. Government Support

The governments are supporting the installation of wind turbines by the farmers and domestic users. They provide interest free loans for purchase of the relevant equipment. In addition, the subsidy has been increased manifolds.

4. Tax Relief

The Governments also offer tax relief for the investors in wind energy. They offer to write off the complete tax on the installment of a wind turbine.

5. Efficiency

The research in the field of wind energy is helping in production of more efficient and cost effective models of wind turbines. One such model is Coemi 55/15 50kW turbines. These come with a five year warranty and they have low maintenance costs. In addition these models have 20% more output as compared to conventional models.

The wind turbines have emerged a nature friendly source of electricity. They are the means to achieve independence from the ever growing electricity bills.

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