Batteries Run By Recycled Disposable Bags

Plastic recycling is a process of recovering scrap or waste plastics and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state. Unique technology of converting ordinary plastic bags into carbon nano-tubes, which is a component in lithium ion batteries, had been developed.

Carbon nano-tubes

Carbon nano-tubes are allotropes of carbon with cylindrical structure. Nano-tubes up to diameter of 13,000,000:1, significantly larger than any other material. These cylindrical carbon molecules have novel properties, making them potentially useful in many applications in nano-technology, electronics, optics, and other fields of materials science. The exhibit extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties, and are efficient thermal conductors. Nano-tubes are categorized as single-walled nano tubes and multi-walled nano-tubes.


Techniques have been developed to produce nano-tubes in sizeable quantities, including arc dischare, laser ablation, high pressure carbon monoxide, and chemical vapor deposition. Most of these processes take place in vaccum or with process gases.

In Chemical vapor deposition method one gram piece of high or low-density polyethylene when heated at 1292 degrees fahrenheit for two hours, along with a cobalt acetate catalyst results in break down of chemical bonds of plastic and cause carbon nano-tube to grow pieces of the catalyst.


Cobalt acetate particles mixed into the nano-tubes have the added bonus of making the nano-tubes very suitable for use in Lithium-air batteries, because the cobalt boosts current flow in batteries. Coated copier paper in ink made up of carbon nano-tubes and silver nano-wires to create bendable, highly conductive storage devices. Nano-tubes could also become self-repair tools for electronic circuits in our smart phones and laptops. Cobalt acetate which is very expensive can be recovered when plastic batteries are recycled.

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