Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a reliable and never ending source of energy. Although the initial cost of using the solar energy may be high, the high price can be recovered as after the system is installed, there will be no cost of producing the electricity.

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Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Solar cells are long lasting sources of energy which can be used almost anywhere.
  • They are particularly useful in areas where there is no national grid and in areas where there is less population, such as in a remote site.
  • Solar cells provide cost effective solutions to energy issues in places where there is no mains electricity.

  • Solar cells are totally silent and non-polluting.
  • As they have no moving parts, they require little or no maintenance at all, and have a long lifetime.
  • Solar cells offer more advantages over other renewable sources; as wind and water power rely on turbines which are noisy, expensive and more liable to breaking down.
  • Rooftop power is a good way of supplying energy to a fast growing community.
  • More cells can be added to homes and businesses as the community grows so that energy generation is in line with demand.
  • Solar cells can also be installed in a distributed fashion, i.e. they don’t need large-scale installations.
  • Solar cells can easily be installed on roofs, which means no new space is needed and each user can quietly generate their own energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • The initial cost is quite high.
  • Most types of solar cells require large areas of land to achieve average efficiency.
  • Air pollution and weather can also have a large effect on the efficiency of the cells.
  • The silicon used in cells is also very expensive.
  • Currently, solar energy costs about twice as much as traditional sources i.e. coal, oil etc.

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11 Responses to “Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy”

  1. Roger Roster says:

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  2. noor says:

    The increasing use of renewable energy has opened new doors for jobs as well. Lets hope we are able to make the future greener.

  3. gabbi says:

    :D this was soooooo useful. thank you so very much! :D DD :) ))

  4. fauziah says:

    Thanks for the information, really needed it:)

  5. bob says:

    you forgot to add in that the energy hast to be stored into a battery which could add more heavy metals to the environmrnt.

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  7. jasmine says:

    this was totally help ful and i am happy i read it i learned a lot.

  8. Steve says:

    Give us a break! Solar is off when the sun doesn’t shine….it has an average duty cycle of only 30%. Who can live with a 70% black out? And batteries? Forget that! Like your car battery, lead acids need replacing every 4 years, all of them and of large quantity. Where’s that battery cost in the above claims.

    We need not just energy but power.

    And dreams are not solutions.

  9. matthew says:

    shape up u rafffff

  10. ravidas says:

    What is new renewable energy

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