8 Most Famous Global Warming Pictures

Whenever I look at these pictures, a chill sends a shiver down my spine. Global warming’s horrific effects can not be explained more illustratively. I am sharing these pictures and photos here so you can spread the word the your friends and family. Indeed drastic steps needs to be taken to avert disasters like these. Please help me spread awareness by sharing these with others.


Many people seem to have gotten a little comfortable with the concept of global warming. That’s not to say anyone’s alright with it—in fact, most people actively want to help fight climate change. But gone are the days when the concept of climate change first terrified the public as a kind of looming, inevitable apocalypse. And for the most part, that’s a good thing. Instilling fear is no way to get anything done. But I worry that we’ve gotten a bit too complacent, too accepting.

climate-change-hurricanesHurricane Season. This horrifying scene is growing all too common: we can expect more and more hurricanes as climate change advances, especially in the Atlantic. This single grainy photo (which makes it even more difficult to look at) embodies some of the most palpable terrors of global warming–it could literally be responsible for destroying our homes.

dead-fish-marine-dead-zonesThanks to growing marine dead zones that are caused by global warming, there’s been a huge spike in dead sea life in recent years–and it often washes up on shore, providing us with an unsubtle reminder.

glacier-waterfall-gettyHere’s a huge waterfall spouting from the ice edge of Brasvell Glacier. No, glaciers in the Arctic aren’t supposed to do that. Glacial waterfalls like this one have been erupting with alarming frequency in Arctic regions–and is as good an image as any to wrap this slide show with. After all, when centuries-old chunks of ice start melting in the Arctic, it’s hard to deny we’ve got ourselves one hell of a problem.


Hurricanes aren’t the only severe weather conditions that global warming stirs up—massive dust clouds like this one are becoming more frequent, and more violent, in regions like Southern Africa.global-warming-before-afterGlacier in Patagonia, Argentina 1928. Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina 2004. 76 years of climate change. Then, and now. Scary.

global-warming-diesel-adGlobal warming ad campaign? This one’s terrifying for an entirely different reason—it demonstrates the unfortunate apathy much of our culture displays towards global warming. You might remember this picture from an ad campaign Diesel ran a couple years ago. The gist? Global warming’s going to destroy life as we know it, but you’ll still be able to hang out with babes and kick back in a badass pair of jeans, so why bother?polar-bear-global-warmingLet’s kick things off with one of the foremost symbols of global warming’s frightening advance—the polar bear and its shrinking habitat. It’s terrifying because the polar bear and its imperiled ecosystem give us a visible model by which to gauge the tangible impact of climate change. No charts or graphs here; just an ominous reminder that the polar bear’s habitat is literally floating away. And that ours will follow suit.

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50 Responses to “8 Most Famous Global Warming Pictures”

  1. spellathon says:

    Great concepts for global warming

  2. gr8 stuff! sad to see some of the pics :’(!

  3. robinana says:

    The Polar bear makes me cry. The Diesel ad makes me want to beat those two idiot models in the face.

  4. There is a picture of a dust storm. Are those really associated with Global Warming? I doubt it. I like polar bears. They are having a hard time with the ice melting and all. In Thunderbay, Canada they are forced to forge in populated places more and more often. Sad. They get killed if people feed them and they loose their fear.


  5. Marg says:

    Awesome photos and renderings, with some scary scenarios. Very interesting, indeed. As for the science, though… The hysteria since Al Gore’s pronouncement is not as factually based as one might suppose, though. Over 700 respected scientists have signed documents to government expressing much evidence to show that the secular trend of warming is reversing or reversed. Some say we went from warming to cooling 5 years ago. Certainly, folks in the Midwest USA might agree! This link is a more superficial source, yet it mentions some quality studies/organizations pointing to COOLING rather than warming in our future. – http://snipurl.com/warmworld -

  6. Carver says:

    No offense, but you’re an alarmist.

  7. K Fan says:

    Polar bears can swim for miles at a time, that picture is a joke. They’re fine. Also, did you know one volcano lets off more toxins and pollutants than the ENTIRE INDUSTRIAL ERA? Humans aren’t changing the natural patterns of the earth.

  8. bob says:

    um…. the world has been in a cooling mode for 7.5 years…….
    at least the polar bears wil be happy….

  9. Anupama says:

    Well….We all talk…But how many of us follow simple preventions…? How many of us avoid using private vehicles to go to office/college/anywhere…? How many of us recycle water….? How many of us switch off lights/fans/monitors when we do not use them….? We all talk…

  10. noor says:

    Yes, i agree with you, to bring a change, we have to start by analyzing our own behavior, the point is, it’s about time we realize the importance of renewable energy and accept that the depleting resources won’t come back, and so we have to save them for our future generations.

  11. anshul says:

    ossom………………. these hv been very useful to me..

  12. Natalie says:

    FAO Sarah Shaw

    Are these images free from copyright am I able to use them for my awareness campaign video?

    Please let me know.. appreciated
    Im not spamming – just not sure if previous message you received or not?

  13. chelsea says:

    ok im writing a report about global warming for my environmental science class, im a jr in highschool and i need way more info. We are going to be having a debate and i need some good (better then what i have) info…if u can help please e-mail me (trace_runner_2011@yahoo.com) thank u

  14. alok says:

    some of the pics r very worrying and alarming too!! its high time we stop the blame game and think about the EARTH and that too if we really care about the world in real and not just like so many who are more concerned with people seeing them ‘showing concern’ rather than actually doing so.

  15. yonten says:

    i really worry about it,but what can i do for it? i am a uneducation person.

  16. utilise the solar energy in large amount.this is only a single way to stop the global warming.

  17. swathi says:

    save our planet

  18. krishnar says:


  19. v can’t live without earth so pls save our earth pls pls pls

  20. & also d polar bears make me cry

  21. pls who r non-vegetarian also think about ur fishes who have been died b’cauz of d global warming!!!!!!!!!

  22. sanjeev Rajput says:

    save earth because the entire world going to dead, we should take necessary steps to save world smiles.keep our earth green.

  23. parmeshwar says:

    we should have to protect our planet .
    therefor plantation of trees is basic method to improove oxygen
    which reduce co2 from the earth

  24. becous of global warming there are many changes in the world ,
    water laver start to rises rapidily. many island r dissapear from
    the earth geography.
    climates are showing threre harsh face which result loss of many animal as well as human life.
    if there is no birds & animal our earth will look like no life without oxygen.
    so please save our planet.



  26. shivraj kumar says:

    save water, save trees, atleast some one should start so why not we.
    I m trying to plant a tree on my weekly off.

  27. we have to use eco friendly things which
    do not generate co2 .

  28. Ravikant says:

    hey I really appreciate this friend.. wonderful job.. may I use these contents in my blog and facebook group of global warming awareness please !! :)

  29. Nagendra Sonkar says:

    Hi Dear,
    I have seen these picture, it very dangerous for the future time. Now time comes to work together and communicate to each other. After that we can do something for our earth. I am always trying to do something for the earth but due to lack of communication I am not able to do some effective thinks. So I am requesting that comes and contact to each other and whatever help is require we will do.

  30. Neha Samreen says:

    hey, i am x class student…
    i think people should start reforestration process and save our earth

  31. shruti says:

    its really horrifing guys…………..u scared me…so lets save our planet..!!!

  32. ragav says:

    please everyone plant atleast a tree

  33. Anjana says:

    The most terrible future!!!!we want to face it!??i can’t believe.can we overcome this situation?i’m worried.let’s save our EARTH,OUR MOTHER.PLANT TREES please……

  34. save trees and please try to avoid using plastics .our school st xaviers godavari is declared as plastic free zones

  35. Amit says:

    save trees and please try to avoid using plastics .our school st xaviers godavari is declared as plastic free zones

  36. MANISH MORE says:


  37. Sanghati says:

    THESE are very marvellous images. I am sorry 2 say that in future it is going 2 happen very soon that is beyond imagination.

  38. sanghati says:


  39. Viraj Airekar says:

    I have realised the future & i will put all my efforts to establish the changes regarding nature saving….
    Its not the duty of a government but all individuals who want their loved ones to remain forever on the beautiful earth.


  41. Tr. I. Paul Xavier says:

    unless the people get aware of vanishing problem of our planet, no one help to save it.
    Its our primary duty of every teacher to seed the necessity of growing plants to be taken as our main syllabus apart from academic to every students.
    Hope, everyone will grow trees for saving our planet….

  42. mimun barid says:

    we should save the climate

  43. praveenkumar says:

    most trrible pictures of global warming.

  44. Wow, these are some interesting images – and although they look a lot like propaganda – you don’t need to worry any more since the earth is actually entering a period of global cooling. Global warming is over – it was a natural phenomenon, not man made at all, and now the cycle is changing and we’re going into cooling. It will warm up again probably in another 100-200 years or so. Check the FACTS – don’t go with the “buzz” from people who have ulterior motives (99% of the global warming croud). The FACTS show the truth.

  45. WYPAI says:

    the pictures are te stupidest ting i has evah sen.

  46. mukul says:

    save trees
    save water
    save climate
    stop global warming

  47. Solomon Raja says:

    It is very most problem for our living planet Earth. Take prevent to protect act from governemt side. Simultaneously each and individuals should be save the Earth. Our all the foolish things only done and doing by you and me only. So avoid plastic burning, firing, Sigratte smoking, vehicle driving, using fridges, And Ac’s, bore wells, defrorestation. So be a knowledge ful person and awake the things on before to going the dangerous day.

  48. tedi says:

    it was so scary…. we will find worse than right now if we not stop it

  49. deepika says:

    it is amaging picture

  50. taruna says:

    the photos r amazing and a warning to take precautionsagainst global warming

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