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Purple Pokeberries And Solar Power

Scientists are working hard and researching on using low cost crops like pokeberries to enhance the solar power production in the world.

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Algae Powered Inflatable Airship

with advancements in technology every day, Bullet 580 has looked ways for making its name in the future.

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Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal power plant uses geothermal energy to generate power and electricity. This is a natural energy source and is also a form of renewable energy which is also environmentally friendly.

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Natural Energy Sources

By doing our part by switching to a natural energy source we will be taking a large step forward in the fight for a better, cleaner and safer environment for us and for our future generation.

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Hydrogen Fuel, A source of Alternative Energy

The method of creating hydrogen gas is quite simple; water is actually broken down into hydrogen and oxygen (h2o) by supplying a very high temperature to water hence splitting the two elements from each other.

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Hybrid Organic Solar Cells

The new research have come up with the coating of the organic solar cells which enable them to work till 8 months.

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Facts about Conversion of Solar Energy into Electrical Energy

Let us start learning about solar energy facts by recalling our childhood memories when you might have had the experience of taking a magnifying glass outside and then spent a lot of time to focus the sun’s rays through the lens to concentrate it’s energy to start small fires, you must have enjoyed this as a child…

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Steps To Saving Fuel…….

Driving a car has become a luxury and people hardly care about the damage they are causing to the environment as well as their pockets too. So learn how to save on car fuels and contribute to a better planet.

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Biofuel Benefits Go Beyond Environment

Biofuels are one of the most important methods of producing oil. Biofuel are of two forms: ethanol and biodiesel.

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Solar Indoor Lightning

Solar indoor lights are easy to use as they are convenient and are used naturally. They do not require any expenses and are easily available.

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Renewable Energy Investment

Renewable energy has become the largest industry of the world. Investing in renewable energy will prove to be very beneficial for business men, individuals or small or large scale industries.

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