Ethanol Fuel

Posted on 28 August 2010

Ethanol fuel, a kin to alcohol is an ethyl alcohol. It is of various types and used for transportation purposes. This is a renewable energy source since it could be produced several times without depleting its original source. This is because ethanol fuel is produced from crops and wood, therefore these could be grown again and again. Contradictory to this, oil as fuel would end one day since its limited as in it present in the crust of earth and belongs to earth.

Ethanol Fuel

Types of Ethanol Fuels

There are two major types of ethanol fuels; bio fuel and cellulosic ethanol. As mentioned earlier this is a renewable energy source and could be produced again and again because bio fuel for instance is produced from used vegetable oil, crops like maize, sugar cane, potato and rice. It is also environmentally friendly and production is very low. Apart from , cellulosic fuel is produced from grass, wood and edible pats of the plants. There two type of ethanol fuels could help over come fuel crises at affordable costs.

Ethanol fuel and its application

Ethanol fuel as mention earlier is very environmental friendly. This make’s all the engines perform much more efficiently and is preferred to be used more in cars than in tractors. Apart from increasing efficiency it also reduces your costs since its produced at low cost. However, this is only true for those engine which are ethanol friendly because an ordinary engine would consume 51% more ethanol than gasoline.

USA and Brazil are two countries making extensive use of ethanol fuel. From the year 2001 up till 2008, there has been a tremendous number of change in the people consuming ethanol fuel. People have devised ways to produced bio ethanol from crops to use it as an inexpensive fuel. Most of the free wine ponds are converted to bio ethanol fuel, this is because ethanol fuel source is extracted from crops and wine. USA being the largest producer of ethanol fuel followed by Brazil and European Union produce, 9000, 8000 and 7000 gallons respectively. Since any engine could be made compatible to work with this fuel, ethanol fuel production worldwide should be made faster so that we could resolve the issue of high oil prices. Iowa state university has recently done an experiment in which fiber from the corn is converted to bio ethanol fuel.

Ethanol Production in The world

Brazil being the oldest market producing Ethanol fuel for more than thirty year is followed by USA. The Brazilian government gave many incentives to its people and industry to work on this type of fuel, hence today they are the most mature market of ethanol fuel. The incentives given were low interest loans for ethanol refineries, tax incentives and fuel bought by government owned refineries at rational prices.

Countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan should also build ethanol distilleries. These countries are blessed with agriculture resources hence ethanol would help them lower the burden of oil import from the economy. The addiction to foreign oil and gasoline by various underdeveloped countries of the world can be lowered by shifting to ethanol blends and ethanol as fuel.




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