Understanding Climate and Weather

Posted on 25 August 2010

We all remember learning terms such as “climate” and “weather” back in our primary school days, but not all of us stay in touch with these (until commonly used) to be able to differentiate them. Let us take a look at what the weather of the earth is and what the climate is.

Climate of the Earth

climate of the Earth

The climate of the earth can be defined in different ways. It all depends on the speculations of the people. However, climate can be defined as the weather averaged for a long period of time. We can judge the climate, considering a number of years, by the rainfall and the changes in it’s amount, the pressure of the wind and the fluctuation of the temperature. Every place has a different climate. It depends on the location of the place, the sea level and the height from the sea level.

It is a climatic fact that most of the energy that is present in the earth’s atmosphere is given and contributed largely to the sun rays.

What Is the Difference Between Climate and Weather?

We can define weather by saying that it is an atmospheric state that can be measured on a scale of hot or cold, wet or dry, foggy/cloudy or clear and stormy or calm. It includes the temperature, humidity, rain and sun prediction. The climate however is the meteorological condition that include the temperature, wind and precipitation limited in a certain region. The difference is that the weather of the earth can change within a few hours but the climate change can only be observed over a period of time. Therefore, weather is not constant. The earth’s climate is somewhat constant and it does not change so abruptly. A change like melting of glaciers in a particular region will leave long term effects on the region and also it has long term causes and so this becomes a climatic change. But if suddenly you see dark clouds in the sky and it starts to rain, it will be the weather change. To sum it up, the change in weather over a longer period of time is called the climate whereas the change in temperature abruptly is called the weather change.

Changes in Climate Over The Years

The scientists believe that the world has gone through major changes. This is the time when global warming is on the rise. The climate depends on different regions and hence the temperature of one place is different from the other at the same time.




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