Advantages And Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Posted on 24 August 2010

When you use a particular thing you may find some good and bad attributes about it. Every thing has a positive and negative aspect on our life. The same way solar energy also has its few advantages and disadvantages. Though it is thought to be a life saving energy, it does have a few negative aspects to it, which if carefully tackled, can be easily diminished. As it is the  disadvantages of  solar energy is greatly shadowed by its advantages, but that still doesn’t mean we lend a deaf ear to its problems, in pursuance of its goodness.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Below can will find the advantages of solar energy.

No pollution:

The best thing about solar energy is that it creates no pollution while in work. The pollution only comes out when it is manufactured in the industries for installation or transportation of the goods. The solar panels require quite an amount of work and manufacturing and this is one aspect where this product causes pollution problems.

Quiet Electricity:

Another best advantage of solar energy is  that they are not at all noisy while producing solar energy. Other electricity suppliers might be noisy and create a lot of disturbance but solar energy produces  quiet electricity as in contrast with the fossil fuel generators that  is one main factor for noise pollution.

Harness Electricity:

We can also produce solar energy on such locations which are not connected to the grid. That means they can be used even to the places where there is no connection given. There is no need to build huge grids if the area has strong sunlight energy, however for areas that have a low level of sunlight, a grid may be required to preserve energy.

Providing Light In A Large Area:

Another best advantage of solar energy is that it can provide light even if it is used on a large place. Which helps everyone in placing lights in their backyards or where ever they want.

Cost Effective:

Yes. Producing solar energy can be cost effective. They provide you with a free source of energy and will last till years. You will have to invest initially but It’s Okay to invest in an expense that will give you a budgeted bill for 10, 20 years on.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

Following are few disadvantages of solar energy:

Initial Cost:

Solar energies can be used for years but its initial cost can be very costly for you. Presently, the prices have raised to $1000. Affording so many solar energy panels could be difficult as a huge house would require a complex setup of solar panels to divert the sunlight for the respective use. Due to this initial price, people are reluctant to invest in this method of energy, and are ignoring the future money that it could be saving you.

Affect Of the Weather:

The weather has a great affect on the solar energy as it’s battery works by taking help from the sun rays. Any change in the weather can sometimes not allow you to use solar energies. If your area is snowy and often rains, then it would be a very daunting task to use solar energy.

Daylight Energy:

This is the biggest and the worse disadvantage. Solar lights can only be produced during day time. They cannot be produced during night. This means that you are only able to use it for half day. However, the solution to this also lies in having grids installed at various places.


Another disadvantage of solar energy is that it releases a lot of pollution. It’s a bad idea for those who are living in a busy place and can affect the business or the industries by polluting their places.




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