Natural Energy Sources

Posted on 17 August 2010

Most countries of the world are trying to lessen or completely end their dependency on fossil fuel; this is because of the rising prices of fossil fuel and its pollution effects on our environment and our health, which is also contributing a great deal in the climate change and global warming. The use of natural energy for heating, electricity production and fueling purposes is gaining in popularity day by day. By investing in natural and alternative sources of energy can help reduce the burden of fossil fuel on our country’s economy. Anyone can contribute to improve the current condition of our environment by switching to an alternative or natural energy sources. Some natural energy sources are wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy. There are other renewable energy like hydrogen fuel and biomass also.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is the energy which the sun produces in the form of solar radiation. Through the use of solar panels or solar cells, the photons in the solar radiation are converted into electricity. However one disadvantage going with this form of energy is the high prices of solar panels. Large numbers of solar panels are necessary to produce a substantial amount of electricity.

Wind Energy:

Another form of natural energy is wind energy. This form of natural energy source uses a wind turbine which harnesses the power of the wind to produce electricity. In order to produce decent amount of electricity, a large wind turbine is required. These turbines are usually made from minerals obtained in an impure way but after the turbines are built, it requires no fossil fuel or minerals to run it, but may require it for its maintenance.

Wave energy:

Wave energy or tidal energy harnesses the power of the waves to run water turbines to produce electricity. This is a renewable energy source as tides go in and out the turbines.

By doing our part by switching to a natural energy source we will be taking a large step forward in the fight for a better, cleaner and safer environment for us and for our future generation.




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