Parts of A Wind Turbine

Posted on 02 April 2010

Wind energy is one of the biggest source of renewable energy. In order to understand the working of the wind turbines, it is important to know about the different components of the wind turbine.

parts of wind turbine

Although there are different types of wind turbines that operate, but the simplest possible wind-energy turbine consists of three major parts:

1. Rotor blades

The blades are the main part of the system. The blades act as barriers to the wind, although recent blade designs do more than just act as a barrier. As the wind forces the blades to move, the energy gets transferred to the rotor.

2. Shaft

The shaft of the wind-turbine is connected to the center of the rotor. As the rotor spins, the shaft spins together with it. This allows the rotor to transfer its mechanical, rotational energy to the shaft, which enters an electrical generator on the other end.

3. Generator

Basically, a generator is quite a simple device. The generator uses electromagnetic induction to produce an electrical voltage, which is a difference in electrical charge. Voltage is the force that moves electricity, or electrical current, from one point to another. Thus the generating voltage is actually generating current. A simple generator is made up of magnets and a conductor. The conductor is simply a coiled wire. The shaft is connected to an assembly of permanent magnets that goes around the coil of wire. When the rotor spins the shaft, the shaft spins the assembly of magnets, generating voltage in the coil of wire. That voltage drives electrical current out through power lines for distribution.

This makes up the essential parts of the wind turbines. A number of wind turbines are then planted together in a particular area to formulate a wind farm, which will be explained in the upcoming articles.

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