Coastal Wind Turbines

Posted on 02 February 2010

Wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy, and have been producing significant quantities of electricity for a number of countries across the globe. Wind turbines have proved to be especially successful at sea due to various reasons.


But the question is that with the construction of on-shore wind turbines increasing constantly, should we looking into the construction of more off-shore wind farms?

The biggest advantage of coastal wind energy is that it is usually much more reliable and offers greater force as compared to land wind energy.

This coastal energy is much greater because of the open spaces the wind is able to use. The sea is completely flat, until you come to land. This gives wind energy a large open, clear path, without any obstruction to hold it back, allowing to gain energy before hitting a land mass.

Have you noticed how hurricanes lose their energy once they reach land mass. Although this is an extreme example, but it can help illustrate the effect a land mass has on the force of the wind.

However, wind turbines constructed on land can also generate just as much energy as off-shore wind turbines. This efficiency of turbines lies in the placement of the turbine.

Coastal wind turbines are still the preferred option, due to its location, but the costs involved in constructing a turbine out at sea are much greater than building a turbine on land. Together with the additional cost, there are also many other dangers associated with off-shore construction, which include the hurricane danger, the danger which the sea wildlife faces, and many more.

However, they are still a better option because of the noise factor. Coastal areas are not very populated and thus there is less opposition on installation of wind turbines as wind turbine developments on land are quite commonly met with anger from local residents.

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