10 Facts of Alternative Energy

1. The largest solar power plant is in California. Located in the Mojave desert, the solar energy generating system produces ample energy to meet the electricity needs of half a million people. This amount of electricity is enough to light up the entire city of Sacremento.

2. Japan consumes about half of the world’s solar panel used for collecting and converting solar energy into power. There solar panels in Japan are used to provide power to the residential sector of the country connected to the grid.

3. Solar energy are divided into two types. Firstly, passive solar energy, this converts sunlight into reusable energy without the help of other energy sources. Secondly active solar energy which harnesses the suns energy with a mechanical or electrical system which converts it into usable energy like electricity.

4. The used the concept of burning mirrors to ignite fire in the 700 B.C. From this the concept of harnessing the solar energy came in. In the 15th century burning mirrors were used to solder copper sections of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence. Also the Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, from the same era, contains designs for solar concentrators which were used to heat water.

5. The amount of energy which the sun exhibits every hour is more than enough to power the earth for an entire year.

6. The Sahara Desert in Africa, if it had solar cells that were at least 15% efficient then it would have been able to generate more than 450 tarawatts of energy every year. Currently the total global energy consumption is about 13 tara watts each year.

7. It is often predicted by experts that by the year 2040, half of the Earth’s energy will be produced by renewable sources.

8. Approximately around 25% percent of the world’s populated lives without electricity which equals to around 2 billion people. Solar power being a great option for inexpensive renewable energy could help light up the globe however just the cost of solar panels prohibits from having access. Once these panels are installed producing energy would be free of cost.

9.  In the last decade, Denmark’s 20% energy has been generated by wind energy. Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy in the world.

10. Water is the most commonly used renewable source of energy and the energy harnessed from water, creates enough power to meet the energy needs of nearly 30 million people.

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