Ways To .Reduce Heating Costs

Due to the high price of heating oil, it has become difficult for people to afford it. They face problems to heat their homes in winter. People need to learn how to reduce costs and keep their home warm during winters.



Use of electricity, heating oil or natural gas for heating home is expensive. Natural gas is the most expensive. Heating costs constitutes around 20-25% of your monthly budget..! You need to reduce the heating costs. To do so, all you have to do is follow the following money saving tips:

  1. Use a programmable thermostat to raise and lower the temperature of your home.
  2. It is advise to keep the temperature at 60 degrees when you are at home and 68 degrees when you are not or at night.
  3. GO GREEN by using blankets or a build a fire. You will automatically feel warm.
  4. “ENERGY AUDIT” is the best way to reduce costs. Do an energy audit for your house. In this audit, the contractor tests the use of energy in every room and estimates its cost.
  5. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) advises to use “ENERGY STAR PRODUCT”. This is because it replace the use of furnace, water boiler or heater.The Energy Star Product save 50% less energy than any other appliance.
  6. Close the heater in those areas of house that you don’t use i.e. guest house.
  7. Try to wash your clothes in cold water.water-heating
  8. You can collect energy in your room during winters by opening the windows when its sunny outside and close it as soon as sun goes. This heat remains in the room for quite a while.
  9. Wear a sweatshirt and cover your feet by wearing socks. In doing so, by warming up your feet, you can feel comfortable and warm.
  10. Check the temperature of your water heater system.
  11. Use space heater in the room you are in and turn down the heater.
  12. Make less use of ventilation fans like bathroom fans or kitchen exhaust fans. This is because it sucks up all the heated air in the room and makes it cooler.
  13. Change the filters regularly since dirty filters decreases the efficiency of the furnace.
  14. It feels good to take a hot shower during winter. But by cutting the time span of your bath, you can save up to 33% of your heating costs.

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