Wave Energy

One of the powerful sources of energy is oceanic waves. We can not only utilize wave energy for generating electricity but also for other purposes, such as water desalination and water pumping. The powerful blowing of ocean winds causes the formation of ocean waves. To harness the energy produced by ocean in an adequate efficiency, ocean energy winds have to both powerful and constant. Due to this reason wave significantly varies in different parts of the world.

Wave energy

Wave Energy Is a Powerful Technology:

Wave power technology is currently in its beginning stage and due to this reason there is less number of wave power plants in the world. The important feature of wave energy is that it is a renewable energy source and it does not release such greenhouse gases in atmosphere that are responsible for the problematic climatic changes. The interest for the renewable energy sources including wave power gained popularity after the big oil crises occurred in 1973. But due to the drop in oil prices in 1980s funding for wave energy projects were significantly reduced.

The problematic climatic changes are the main reasons because of which wave energy projects are getting popularity again and started receiving funding for research. The first commercial wave power plant with a total installed capacity of 2.25MW was incorporated in the year 2008 at the Agucadora Wave Park near Povoa de Varzim, Portugal.

Harnessing wave energy

The estimated power resources that are present worldwide are greater than 2 TW. That shows the enormous potential of wave power. For capturing the wave power, north and south temperate zones are the best sites. Several different types of wave power devices have been designed to harness the wave energy; these devices include terminator devices, point absorbers, attenuators, and overtopping devices. With the existing technology, only about 500 giga watts waves can be captured and can be utilized. Whereas, waves generate about 2, 700 giga watts of power.

Basic Problems:

The basic problem in harnessing wave energy is how to harness it in an efficient way that can leave least environmental and economic impacts. There is no doubt about the wave energy is a powerful energy source, but the main problem is harnessing it with currently existing technologies in order to convert it into electricity in large quantities. That’s because wave energy should be converted into a 60 Hertz frequency before adding it to the electricity utility grid.

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