Using Solar Power In Pre-Existing Home

Solar power does not have to be restricted to new constructions only. Solar installation can be fitted in existing buildings to make the home run on solar power.


This means that a house that is connected to the power grid can take advantage of getting a back up too. On sunny days, the solar system can produce more energy than required, forcing your electric meter to run backwards. However, in order to do this, you must take into consideration the following points.

1. Consult a solar installer to discuss the various options of installing solar panels in your house. There is a great deal of technical work involved in fixing solar panels in houses that are already running on grid electricity.

2. Before adding a renewable energy system, get the compulsory building and electrical permits from your city or county building department. If you hire a contractor, you will be able to get most of this work done by him.

3. Sign a Net Meter Agreement. With this contract, the excess solar energy your house produces will be available through the grid for others to use. Also, this will allow your system to borrow energy according to your needs.

4. Remember to get the system inspected first. Make sure that all the wiring is set up safely and effectively. Together with a grid connected PV system, the utility company will probably want to inspect your system first before it is turned on.

5. In order to protect your investment, add the solar power system to the home owner’s insurance plan.

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