US Approves First Offshore Wind Farm

Nine years of intense lobbying by Greens has finally paid off. It was tough, it was hard. There were intense debates and politics was done on the issue. Finally very first offshore wind farm to generate electricity has been approved. As announced in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Mr. Ken Salazar who is Secretary of Interior.


Mr. Salazar revealed that a 130 turbine wind farm will be built with estimated cost of $900 million. It would generate 450 Megawatt of electricity out of thin air!

This is great news for environmentalists across the nation. Europe already has hundreds of offshore farms generating thousands of megawatts from air.

Studies have shown that US has enough potential to full fill all it electricity demand if it allows offshore wind farms to be installed without restrictions.

Wind Farms are being apposed on grounds that they would ruin the aesthetic beauty of beaches. such a lame excuse lobbied by Oil interest. But with approval of this wind farm, gateway is opened for other wind projects on eastern seaboard.

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