UK Wind Turbine Plan Will Create Hundreds Of Jobs

The germen manufacturing giant, Siemens, has announced that hundreds of jobs will be created through the construction of a new £80m wind turbine factory.

wind Turbines

The offshore wind turbine production facility will be build on the east coast or in the north east of England.

According to the firm, around 700 jobs will be created with the formation of the new factory. The new turbines will be up and running by 2015, aiming to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy in the UK.

The firm said it was considering various sites in UK to formulate more renewable energy projects. The company also claimed that it has been working closely with regional development agencies.

President and chief executive of Siemens said that with the new wind turbine production plant in the UK, there will be advancements in strategy of investments in attractive growth markets for eco-friendly technology.