Total Signs A Research Agreement With MIT Regarding Batteries For Solar Power Storage

Total has recently signed a research contract with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to build up new batteries. The purpose of these batteries is to facilitate the storage of solar power.

solar batteries

The rationale behind the combined research project of Total and MIT is mainly to develop a long lasting, less expensive battery appropriate to save the power produced by solar panels. The main challenge for these two companies is to design a battery that has enough capacity to store power.

These two companies have taken an important initiative to develop alternative energies mainly used in accelerating the development and consumption of solar power. 

Philippe Boisseau, Total’s President of Gas & Power, at the occasion of signing the contracted announced that the research partnership with MIT, one of the world’s leading research and academic institutions, is a major step forward in Total’s R&D commitment to developing alternative energy sources.

Total and solar energy

Total is a very old player in the market who has been actively participating in solar energy developments. They have been doing developments and research on this subject since 1983 with the help of two companies, Tenesol and Photovoltech. Photovoltech is known for making photovoltaic cells using a crystalline silicon technology. Tenesol are experts in designing, developing, promoting and operating photovoltaic energy systems.

Total R&D

Total’s has designed a R&D department specifically for constantly modifying and developing energy-related processes. They mainly give more attention to four major poles. These include the information of energy resources needed to make further developments, operational consistency and energy effectiveness, competitive products, and environmental related problems. Moreover, they are also in partnership agreement with around 600 famous research companies and educational institutions.

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  1. Nice. With developments like these, we’re sure to have more energy-efficient gadgets and gizmos that are sure to benefit mother earth.

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