Ten Major Benefits of Solar Energy

Sunlight is made of tiny packets of energy called photons. Every minute enough of this free energy reaches the earth that it can meet all of the world’s energy needs for a full year.

Solar Energy

I will discuss here the major ten benefits of the solar energy:

1 - First of all we knew that solar energy is a renewable energy. So there is no need to worry that sunlight will run out or will be used all up. Sun is a permanent source of energy and it will be there everyday.

2 – Solar energy is having no harm impact on the environment means its environment friendly. As fossil fuels that release the greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide while solar cells don’t release any harmful elements in the atmosphere.

3 – Solar panels are so much durable and are having no moving parts that you worry about replacing anything. Solar panels continuously produce the electricity for 1000s hours with little or no maintenance.

4 – Another good thing about solar panels is they won’t make any noise while collecting the energy. Unlike other renewable energy sources,solar panels are completely silent.

5 – If we compare solar electricity with Power Company electricity on long run solar electricity is lot cheaper than power company electricity. Though in beginning it cost much but later on it starts paying itself.

6 – Solar panels are having vast variety which is available in the market. Some are having extremely high prices and some are having lost costs. That means anyone can buy it according to his capacity.

7 – Because of solar energy you can get rid of the power grid. That looks absolutely great when you have to pay any monthly electric bill.

8 – If you will be producing excessive electricity through your solar panel system then you can make you electric meter spin backwards. Most of power companies will like to buy or credit you for this excess electricity. You can get more details about that from your power companies.

9 – Most governments are having tax credit or any other incentive for the people who purchase the solar energy systems. That rebate provided by the government cover usually 20-30% of the system cost. More details you can get from the local representatives.

10 – Best thing is that solar technology is improving day by day. Solar installations are increasing rapidly with the ratio of 50% every year and from them most are the small homemade solar systems.

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