Spying on environment agency Greenpeace by senior staff members of EDF, a state-owned energy company

Senior staff members at EDF, which is the world’s largest operator of nuclear reactors, have been charged with engaging in industrial espionage against Greenpeace France.Despite of the fact that both individuals strongly deny these charges against them, a computer expert who also have charges against him has accepted that he has made plans to hack into Greenpeace France’s secure systems.


Police are now investigating that whether a private detective agency was specifically hired by French-government-owned EDF to engage in industrial espionage.

Private investigators Kargus Consultants is headed by a former member of the French Secret Service who is also working as part of this enquiry team. It is confirmed that Private investigators Kargus Consultants have been working for EDF at the time of the alleged incident in 2006 but further details have not been given about what capacity this was under.


However it was suggested by French newspaper website Mediapart that a task that was given by EDF to investigators at Kargus is to infiltrate Greenpeace France and collect information on anti-nuclear campaigners who would potentially oppose their proposal to build a huge new generation nuclear reactor on the north coast of France.

27th July 2006 - Marmande, France Greenpeace activists entered a GE (genetically engineered) maize field in Southern France and carved a giant “crop circle” with an “X” in the GE maize, marking the field as a contamination zone. The action was in response to a ruling by a French court in which Greenpeace France was ordered to take down maps from its Web site that showed the location of commercial GE maize fields in France.  Greenpeace demands that the French Government fulfils its responsibility and publishes an official register of GE fields that is accessible to every citizen. ©Greenpeace/Barret

Unsurprisingly, these claims have been officially denied by both EDF and Kargus, instead of accepting these claims they suggests that the computer expert who is already-charged was working alone without any instruction from either of the two parties.

In fact, it is now claimed by EDF that in this case they are the victims and they have filed a civil plaintiff against the private detective firm.

It has been confirmed by the Greenpeace that they are carrying out a thorough security review of the systems which is used by key officials both in the French and UK branches – the UK’s biggest nuclear company, British Energy have recently been bought by EDF.

Pascal Husting, Director of Greenpeace France, has also publically expressed his concerns, by saying that Greenpeace has been a non-violent environmental organization. The fact that they are being treated like terrorists because they dare to question nuclear energy showed just how frightened the nuclear industry is of transparency and a democratic debate.

He further said that how will public opinion in Britain and the US where EDF is expanding react to a company using criminal spying methods against people who contradict them?

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