Solar Panels Pros And Cons

Solar Panels is a great tool that effectively collect power from sun. Day by day, people are more concerned to buy solar panels for their personal use. Solar Panels or the PhotoVoltaic Cells are mostly purchased for home purposes, since it is better to generate electricity than to spend money on buying electricity from power company. Anyhow, solar panels have some pros and cons attached to it. It is briefly described below:

Pros of Solar Panel:

  • Solar panels saves money, the money you spend on buying electricity from power company can be generated at home. It is observed that many solar panels owners save much money then its original costs with the use of solar panels.
  • Solar panels lessen your dependence on power company. You get electricity as long as sun is out there.
  • Solar energy is far better than coal or nuclear power. It is clean, renewable and cause no harm to environment.
  • Solar systems are compatible. They can be designed according to one’s need and budget.
  • Government cuts the taxes of those citizens who adopt the use of clean energy.
  • Solar panels at first degrade to some extent, but then its efficiency stills for long time period.

Cons of Solar Panel:

  • Cost of Solar Panel is highly expensive. At times it takes around 10 years to pay for solar panels and their installation. It is a long term investment.
  • Solar Panels perform low in the cloudy regions or shady locations.
  • Since Solar power technology is enhancing day by day, the system which is highly expensive today will be substituted by a cheaper and smaller option.
  • Solar energy is clean, but production of photovoltaic cells do cause harm to the environment.
  • If in case the solar system is incorrectly installed at your place, it will cost you more than its performance.

Though there are good and bad part of solar panels, people still believe it is worth paying the power company. More and more solar panels types are introduced, according to the requirement of customers and their utilities.

One Response to “Solar Panels Pros And Cons”

  1. Lauren says:

    The pros you listed, I think far outweigh any cons associate with solar panels. The fact they they are a clean and renewable energy source that do not omit pollutants into the air is an enormous pro. While Solar Panels Cost may be perceived as a con initially the state rebates and federal tax credits that people can receive can help to lessen the cost. Additionally, the long term electrical cost savings is unmatched and the system will eventually pay for itself. I work with Sharp and I think they have some excellent solar products. They even offer free solar consultations and will help you to better estimate the cost of a system for you home as they can vary greatly depending on numerous factors such as the amount of electricity you use, the size of your home etc.

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