Solar Electric Fence

Electric fences are cost-effective, alternative to traditional fencing. These electrical fences are safer for animals than wire fencing. But question is that how to make electric fence if no alternate current is available. Well don’t worry you can install solar powered electric fence easily.

Solar Electric Fence

Here are the instructions to create a solar electric fence:

  • First of all choose a fence system which is suitable for your application. Which animals you want to control, and whether the fence will be temporary or permanent.
  • Buy solar fence charger and its accessories. Surf on internet about solar electric fence or if you have any such farm nearby then visit there, then go to hardware stores for comparing the systems.
  • When you start with your fence, start with end and corner posts and stretching a string between them to mark where to place your line posts. When line post are set then stretch the wire or mesh, which you selected around the perimeter. Then attach the insulators and tensioners.
  • Fit the solar electric fence charger on the one end of the fence on a brawny mounting plane for example, a building or wooden post in direct sunlight facing south. Then dig a shallow trench to make a ground bed near the fence charger and drive in the number of ground rods recommended for your installation. In final step, attach the negative (ground) lead to the grounding rods and the positive lead to the fence.
  • You must charge the charger in the direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before energizing the fence. After 24 hours, when you energize the fence then check energizing of fence regularly. For checking always use electric fence tester.

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