Singapore – The Heaven of Green Industry

Unlike other Asian countries, Singapore knows how to utilize and maximize its all potential financial opportunities. It has proved that it is capable of utilizing and maximizing its resources. Singapore is currently the fourth biggest financial trading center in the world. The other three are London, New York and Tokyo. Since 1997, Singapore has been showing an outstanding growth at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is utilizing what it was gifted during WW II. When the British returned to the Hong Kong and then China after the ending of their lease in 1997, many expatriates searched for a feasible Asian trading post with a stable government. Until 1965, Singapore was the center of another British Empire.

Geographically, Singapore is a small location. The total area on which Singapore stands is just 271 square miles. Singapore is comprised on 6 separate islands. Raw material refining generates the 25% of the gross national product of Singapore. The 25% are generated from transport and brokerage of transport. Entire of this industrialization is not come without ecological price.  90% area of Singapore was rainforest hundred years ago. But now this figure is dropped markedly to 15% before restoration measures restored the rain forests to almost 25% of the total of the land that is unstable.

New Singapore

Singapore is now regarded to be one of the most significant advanced nations in the world in terms of technology. It is the leader of the implantation of most cutting edge clean technologies in the entire world. Singapore’s new clean Tech Industrial Park is the significant example. Government sector of Singapore is working in the collaboration with the local corporate community to gain the energy efficiency and to set up a Green Development area.

New Clean Tech Industrial Park

This program is aimed to achieve minimum eco-impact and maximum sustainability. Apart from that the work within the park is aiming for the development of clean tech solutions. Singapore government is looking forward to be the leader in the world in this technology. Currently, a major project is under process is based on 50 hectares of land and estimated to be completed by the year 2030. This plan will accommodate over 20, 00 workers. Simple ideas like underground parking and passive lighting are merged with the high technology solar power deployments. The central theme of this plan is land optimization (apparently) because almost all the buildings are designed to reflex the more of the original rainforest to this island.

This new industrial park will develop sustainable technologies and their installation. The streets of the park will be lit with the LEDS and their development has already started developing. These designs are then delivered to other world. Rainwater is collected on the main office buildings roofs. In terms of refining raw materials and exporting them, Singapore has become one of the most cultivated nations in the world. Singapore is likely to become the pioneer of the green age by refining sustainable techniques and by marketing those efficient ideas.

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