Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

Sanyo is a well known Japanese brand which is also included in fortune 500 companies of the world. It is majorly an electronic company and manufactures a wide array of products. It also produces multiple products that support the solar energy.

Analysis of the Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array

Here you will find a review of Sanyo 3.36 kW solar array electrical system to give you some idea about the main features and technicalities of the system. You will also come to know how it proves to be helpful for you. This solar energy system comprise of:

  • Railing, Fastener & fix together installation system with visual layout
  • 16 Sanyo HIP-210NKHA5 of 210 Watts photo voltaic components
  • AC (Alternating current) Disconnect, MC (Metal-clad) Cables, Ground drags and wiring plan
  • SMA SB3000US Grid-tie current converting device (Inverter)
  • The solar array area must be 221 square feet minimum
  • The measurement of solar module should be 62.2”x31.4”x1.8”

Requirement for System

  • The solar array area must be 221 square feet minimum
  • The measurement of solar module should be 62.2”x31.4”x1.8”

Main Features of HIP-210-NKHA5 PV Module

  • The module performance is 16.7%
  • Cell performance is 18.9%
  • Five year guarantee for craftsmanship and twenty years electrical power output
  • Maximum output: 210 Watts

How to get Optimum Energy

You need to affix Hybrid mono silicon jointly with amorphous silicon layers. The HIT ® solar panels are by and large is the trendsetters in the sunshine conversion performance. Obtain the best power in only a particular extent of the locality. Reduce your expenses by utilizing of relatively little system components and racking stuff. You can also shrink your costs by spending a relatively little time period installation of per watt.

Sanyo HIT Features

The Sanyo HIT photo voltaic cell comprises of only one slender crystalline silicon disk of adhesive material between the ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. The article presents best proficiency in the market. Besides that it also adds value to the finest production techniques.

HIT solar cells boost qualities of periphery and reduce the power production shortages by creating impurity-free i-type amorphous silicon coatings amid the crystalline foundation and p- and n- kind amorphous silicon coatings.

With the rise in temperature, the HTP Power solar panel systems produce either ten percent or over electricity (Kilo watts per hour) in comparison to the conventional crystalline silicon solar power systems on the identical temperature.

SMA Sunny Boy Photo Voltaic Grid-Tie System Inverter

Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

The main features of SMA Sunny Boy Photo Voltaic rid-Tie System Inverter are:

  • It gives the best performance is CEC (Consumer Electronic Control
  • Offers warranty for ten years
  • It has in integral fused series attachment combiner
  • Offers maximum electricity as 3000W alternating current
  • An integral load-break rated lockable power disconnect switch
  • Preserved electronics inclusion and Opticool.
  • Wide-ranging SMA communications and data compilation options
  • It is equally good for house or lighting other professional applications
  • Sunny Boy renowned for Photo voltaic inverter performance and steadfastness
  • Field configurable for constructive ground systems
  • Higher performance for rapid Return on Investments
  • UL 1741/EEE-1547 amenable
  • Enduring cast light weight aluminum outdoor rated inclusion

The actual fact behind its performance is Square D safety switch which is capable to split load. A sheltered motor can pull out six to eight times more current. In disastrous state of affairs, it is imperative to utilize a switch with improved load split up competence.


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