Questions To Ask From An Eco – Friendly Hotel

If you are really conscious about going green and want a relaxed tension free vacation then you are lucky. That’s because majority of hotels are going green and now you can easily plan a stress free green vacation. This may sound weird, but yes, there are hotels out there, that strongly emphasize on ways to have fun, without creating numerous carbon footprints.

Eco-friendly hotel

If you are an eco-friendly enthusiastic, then you could have hotels where there is a good deal of environmental conscious activities. Before you opt to stay at such hotels, you do need to do your bit of a homework and find out what activities and benefits are being offered by the hotel in consideration. Given below is a directory guide as well as some basic questions that you should ask from the hotel that you plan to stay.

Hotel Directory

If you want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel then visit Travelocity’s Green Hotel Directory. The website provides you a list of eco-friendly hotels that are budget and cheap also. All those enlisted hotels are certified and recognized by the Tourism Sustainability council for the implication of standard set up.

Planet Green is another great place where you can find green hotels; Planet Green gives you a list of nine important questions that you should ask before making online booking:

Questions To Ask

1: Is the hotel operated and owned locally? And are there local people employed as staff? Locally employed staff helps the people of the area to earn better at a lower price. Hiring out of city people will require more cost, thus more work process and obviously more consumption of energy.

2: What types of recycling programs are being used by hotel (aluminum, plastic, paper, gray water, composting)?


3: Instead of changing towels and sheets again and again do your guests have the option to reuse them?

4: What innovative ways is the hotel employing to ensure less consumption, but quality services? For instance, energy efficient lighting, low flow toilets and showers and using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power for running appliances and products.

5: How the is the hotel contributing to the local community?

6; What is the hotel’s location, and whether it preserves energy by providing you with bike use rather than car use?

7: Are you being served with local foods?

8: Does your hotel have a sustainable swimming pool?

9: How are ensuring these services to be eco-friendly, and are you really devoted to maintaining a strong stance in it?

These very basic questions may seem a lot to ask, but once you do get the proper information, it would be much easier for you to decide on a happy, stress free and of course, green vacation!

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