Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the main sources of renewable energy. Apart from being free, its abundance and constant supply make it a great potential source of energy.


However, like any other source of energy, solar energy also has its pros and cons.

Solar Energy Pros

  • Solar panels produce no pollution. The only pollution that can be caused by solar panels is produced in the process of manufacturing of these devices in factories, while transporting these goods, and while installing. Once installed properly, they do not cause any type of pollution.
  • The generation of electricity from the use of fossil or some renewable fuels (e.g. wind turbines) can be noisy, but solar energy produces electricity very quietly.

  • It is much more cost effective to install solar panels in remote areas as compared to laying the required high voltage wires.
  • Solar energy can be very efficient energy resource in a large area of the earth, and the advent of new technologies allow for a more efficient energy production on overcast/dull days.
  • Solar panels can easily be installed on rooftops, eliminating the problem of finding the required space for solar panel placement. This means that no extra land is required to build a solar generation plant in order to produce electricity for personal use.
  • Although the initial cost of solar cells may be high, but once installed, they provide a free source of electricity, which will pay off over the coming years.
  • Producing electricity through personal solar generation allows the user to become less dependent on the worlds fossil fuel supplies. This also means that you don’t have to rely anymore on the electricity supplied by the grid.

Solar Energy Cons

  • The biggest disadvantage of solar energy is the initial cost of solar cells.  Some households may need more than one to generate enough power, making the initial installation of solar panels very costly.
  • Solar energy can only be used to generate electricity during daylight hours. This means that solar panels will not be producing energy for your home for one half of the day.
  • The weather can affect the productivity of solar cells.
  • Pollution levels can affect the efficiency of the solar cells, making it a major con for businesses or industry that want to install solar panels in heavily polluted areas, such as cities.

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