Projected Oil Shortages Could Lead To Worldwide Energy Crisis

It is about time that the world finally changed its dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy and the process may catch more speed by the news that the world’s oil supply is dangerously low.


According to an energy expert, the earth is racing towards a disastrous situation that could seriously threaten economic recovery due to the fact that most of its oil fields have now fallen past their peak production.


Dr Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency, warned that governments and industrial energy producers are unwilling to recognize that oil is running out much faster than they had anticipated previously.

Dr Birol urged the governments to promote renewable energy and alternative fuels as according to him, "One day we will run out of oil, it is not today or tomorrow, but one day we will run out of oil and we have to leave oil before oil leaves us."

Dr Birol also added that if the demand continued to grow as expected, the world would require six producers with output equivalent to Saudi Arabia’s if it is to keep up the oil supply till 2030.

The governments should take serious action in order to promote renewable energy and start practical applications before its too late. The natural resources we have today should be reserved for our future generation too.

One thought on “Projected Oil Shortages Could Lead To Worldwide Energy Crisis”

  1. Now if you put Solar Energy Panels (PV) on your Home roof and car port you can drive

    50 to 80 miles each day FREE. Energy From the Sun. Many are doing so all over the Earth.

    Electric Cars and Hybrids Cars that run on Electric and some other fuel will soon out

    sell all others. With the Help of Solar Energy and People around the Planet getting more

    knowledge every day of it on the news and seeing it on more roofs everywhere. Those that

    have the intelligence to see the good in Solar Energy are growing every day.

    Solar Energy in the next year will out pass most all other forms of energy.

    Right today November 22, 2011 under Solar Energy there is 19,000,000 websites and under

    Images 1,520,000 for Solar Power plants.

    For Coal power plants 1,290,000 under images.

    For Hydro Power Plants 3,690,000 websites and 1,5000,000 under images.

    Most in the World are re tooling to make Electric Hybrid Cars.

    Iran is a Little slow do to its export of crude oil, oil is number one in that country

    right behind that is their gas guzzler cars.

    Now Israeli is making a Electric Hybrid that you will be able to drive anywhere in Europe

    and in one tenth the time it would take to put gas in your car you can drive up and away

    with a recharged Battery Pack. Like a cordless drill or Cordless Tool it would take out the

    old and put in a recharged one back in in less then a minute in seconds just like the

    Cordless Tool. You would pay for only the electric used the battery packs are owned by

    the car manufacturer.

    No more oil change stations or gas it will be a Battery exchange

    station. For those that are driving cross country

    the rest will be able to recharge at home or at work. Free from the Sun Energy Solar Energy (PV).

    This kind of car is going to put and end for the need of OIL for most world wide very soon.

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott


    The day will come when many will use the Sun’s Energy from our roof tops through solar panels to split

    the tap water into Hydrogen and store it in tanks by our home to refill our cars to run on. This

    system of Solar Hydrogen will run our cars heat our homes and we will cook our food.

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