Nuclear Dangers in America

The world is not naive to nuclear power and its drastic effects since the Niroshima and Nagasaki bombings. As if that was enough, there was another disastrous event that shook the entire western world, that of the Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant accident on April 26th 1986. This accident caused an estimate 16,000 people to die out of nuclear radiation, 20 years down the lane. The event also parked off controversies as to how safe nuclear plants are, especially in the United States of America where there are vast nuclear plants installed. Some of them have also met minor accidents, that should not be ignored.

Nuclear accidents are measured on a scale of 1 to 7, with the Chernobyl (city in Ukraine where the nuclear accident took place) being the highest in history with a full danger level of 7. In the US the highest level of nuclear accident is recorded to be of level 3, definitely not something to go light about. Not only this but multiple amount of times, near-accidents events have taken place.

The question arise what would happen if a nuclear plant blew up in the United States, considering it is the center stage of the world? Also how safe are people in the US against nuclear plant accidents. Hopefully US scientists and government would not let such a catastrophe strike the country.  We will still explore the accident history of the US and finally assume how safe we really are.

Numerous Nuclear Accidents in the US

It seems like the US hasn’t been taking nuclear plant safety measures very seriously, as for the past few years, there has been continuous minor accidents as well as dozens of near-disaster issues.  Fortunately no injuries or death has been reported, but these hazardous accidents could have brought out something more deadly.

You can easily see the list of nuclear disasters that has been happening in the US; imagine the immense lack of safety. People living near these plants have been highly worried about the lack of concern and safety, especially when they are located so near to cities and towns.

Besides this there was another dangerous accident that happened in 2006. A nuclear leak was discovered in one of the plants owned by Exelon in Braidwood, Illinois. The leak was underground and was not discovered for a long time. Until it was discovered it had contaminated the groundwater under the stations, but fortunately it did not reach to habitat areas.After quite strenuous amount of struggling did the company agree to a $1 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by Will, Ogle and Grundy counties, areas located near the nuclear plants. The money received will be used for further investigation to see if the area is really affected by the contamination.If it is, Exelon might be in deep trouble.

Similarly another major accident took place in 2005 in Erwin, Tennessee at the Nuclear Fuel Services Plant. A leak of nearly 35 liters of uranium occurred, but the government did not inform the public and quietly handled the situation. This was a disastrous situation, which if not handled would have caused a major catastrophe.

Articles, reports have been filed about Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regarding their inability to keep nuclear plants safe and accident free. Throughout the years, nuclear plants in the US has been sending minor shockwaves to people of the states. This is not a very good situation as there are 104 commercial nuclear plants in the US each one massively occupied and universities, military people have their own reactors. Considering that the US is loaded with nuclear plants, they should have more concern regarding their safety status.

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