New Solar Panel Promises Cheaper Power

A new technology is on its way, which uses an innovative solar panel. This new equipment, which will be the biggest West Coast solar installation, will be first used on the roof of a North Sacramento plastics factory.

cheap solar panel

Built by Fremont’s Solyndra Inc., the new solar panels are made up of racks of solar cells, about the size and shape of long fluorescent light tubes. The new shape enables the panels to absorb sunlight from all angles, including what’s reflected from the white rooftops common on large commercial buildings.

The biggest advantage of this technology is, that it promises to cut back the cost of solar power.

The company‚Äôs Chairman, Jim Kaye, announced that the 208-kilowatt system incorporated at Sacramento Plastic Package Inc. will supply about one-third of the factory’s annual electricity needs.

Plastic Package has been in business since 1984, and makes mostly food containers and trays. Already being careful about the environment, about a quarter of the raw material used in the plant is post-consumer recycled plastic.

In order to promote such projects, the $1.3 million system was supported by a 30 percent subsidy from a federal renewable-energy program.

According to Kaye, it is expected that the new solar system would be able to pay for itself in five to six years. This means that after that time, power generated by the panels will be virtually free.

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  1. Good to see reasonable pay-off times and planned obsolescence left out of this American manufacturing loop! If the corporatists can just refrain from scalping the poor, dumb, trusting, ****, customers long enough for the country to recover, all will change, and the great consumer **** routines can start all over again! Chinese fellas might do different though, and they get to sell here too! They tend to build pretty solid stuff, making a good name for themselves every sale! Could this throw a wrench into the American Shyster Corps., works? Will the Asian giants come out on top through customer respect, fairness, and honesty? or will the swindlers, Union strongmen, corporate thieves advertising propagandists of America break out in total criminality and show new and astounding cons to the consumers to squeeze every cent out of their wallets? Just how gullible and propagandizable is the American consumer? After all, Ford sold the infamous Yankee-toaster Pinto and still do business to the relatives of those burned to death in their profit taker/widow maker! Is American Solar endevor any different or do we face the same bunch of lying **** out to reap our hard earned cash at any cost?

  2. I fully agree with you Mr. B, we should inform american consumer more agressively. But see these solar endevors look quite real to me. let’s hope for the best!

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