Mostly Preferred Solar lighting

These days world is searching for cheap energy sources, solar energy in among one of them. Advancement has come in the solar lighting technology and in the last few years this has developed its reliability widely. With the passage of time its usage in the public has increased and has developed its reliability in user circle.



As the people are becoming more aware environment related issues, so they are trying to use to the products that are environment friendly. Thus the use of solar lighting has increased because it is environment friendly. The solar lights are available in all types of sizes, shapes and colors.

Applications of solar lights

There are many applications for these lights. Few of them are stated below

  • Street lights are used for illuminating roads, streets, parking lots.
  • Grow lights can be used in greenhouse operations without affecting your power bills.
  • For outdoor parties and dinners garden lights can be used.
  • Sign lights can be used for advertisement purpose and the companies will prefer this source because it is reliable source.
  • Security lights are use in an area having issues relating power and it is required when a reliable and cheap power source is needed.

Components of solar lighting effective in its working

To get a better idea of this technology you have to understand various components that are involved in the operation.

  • Run time – The run time depends upon all the components of the solar lighting system. The quality of these components mainly affects the run time.
  • Circuitry – This is the most important component of the solar lighting system. If the wiring is not done properly it will affect the efficiency.


Now days in most of the solar lighting system LEDs are used. LED stands for light emitting diode. People are proffering the usage of the LEDs than the blubs because of its run time. Its run time can be 100,000hours or even greater than that. That is much greater than the run time of a bulb which is almost 3000 hours. LED lights are used in security lights because it provides high visibility in dark.

Solar panels

Solar panels

These panels are known as photovoltaic (PV) cells. This is the most costly part of the home solar energy system. Mostly the efficiency of the panel depends upon the sunlight received by the solar cells and they convert that energy received from sunlight to electrical energy. There are various factors that affect the effectiveness of the panel. The most important factor is the transparency of the protective cover.


The rechargeable battery is the important component of the solar energy system. For the proper distribution of the electricity there is a diode used in the circuit between the cells and the battery. The usage of diode ensures that the electricity in the proper amount is being provided to right place.

You should be careful in selecting the battery if you want an efficient and environmentally friendly battery you should choose NiMH batteries. The reason for the use of these type batteries is that their charging capacity is more and frequent charging is durable. The other benefit is that these batteries can be disposed off without harming the environment.

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