Most Common Solar Energy Misconceptions

Changing your energy source is a commitment. Going solar is trigger enough to set off you commit-o-phoebes, especially with the wide range of myths out there to chose from? Well then, here’s to separating the milk from the myth!

Solar is far too expensive!

Ok, paying up to $32,000 up front to purchase your own solar electricity system might leave a noticeable dent, but why not opt for a different way to pay? By financing yourself through a PPA (power purchase agreement) or a solar lease offered by state governments you can switch over to clean solar energy without the cost. And remember, electricity rates are not much more of a picnic either and not set to get any tastier. Switching to solar electricity could minimize the expense increase from your utility services.

It’s too cold for solar

This one really is a far spread one, and admittedly it almost makes sense. A popular belief that solar panels only produce electricity in warm climates of eternal sunshine is in fact untrue. The truth is whether you’re in California or Trenton New Jersey, solar panels will produce electricity wherever the sun shines. Yes sunny climates will produce more power, but cloudy areas still reap the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy. It may interest you to know that Germany is one of the highest players in the global solar market and is not the sunniest place in the world now is it?

What about my pretty roof?

Before telling your anything else let me make this perfectly clear right now, ALWAYS get any installation done by an experienced highly reputable professional team / firm. As with any type of home renovation, a second hand “professional” will get you a second hand job. Other than that, the panels themselves once installed properly which ensure both quality and security of the roof, they will prove a benefit as they add protection from wear and tear over time.

Going solar will keep me tied down to this house!

Many people are under the misconception that they will lose out on their investment should they decide to move at some point in the future. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! On the contrary, according to ICF research, for every dollar you save on electricity, $20 is added to the overall value of your home. Thus, considering you could be saving thousands, for each thousand you save you would add $20,000 to the value of your house! Guess that unties those invisible strings?

Solar restricts me to batteries and no grid privilege’s

There is no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Plenty of people using solar power are still linked to their utility grids, and draw on power overnight that’s been saved throughout the day by the panels. Very few people opt to come off the grid and consequently save electricity in batteries for when it’s needed, but that’s entirely your choice. Snow is no deterrent either considering that not only do solar panels work better in colder temperatures but due to their dark color they will absorb more sunlight helping snow melt and slip off the slanted slides. Of course tackling snow with a good broom wouldn’t be a bad thing either! Reflection off snow will only increase the amount of sunlight to your roof.

I don’t have a roof big enough to keep my house running on solar?

Although a larger system will give you an increased output, dependent on the size of your roof, even a small system will counteract your utility rates. In actual fact a roof as small as 200square feet would be enough to make a system economically and environmentally practical for you.

Best to wait for the new model with advancing technology?

And you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking so either! Last months P.C is already at sale price and the charger to last years Smartphone wont fit any others, but solar panels don’t work this way. There really hasn’t been that much change over the years and there isn’t much more change to come. You see, they are pretty much at maturity design wise and any recent news you may have seen regarding thin-film panels is a commercial large scale concept that is not as efficient for residential homes. This solar power technology has its seal of approval from years of testing and use by innumerable people world wide. By waiting for “something better” the gamble is too high due to the fact that state and federal tax rebates are going fast and so is the pace of utility rate increase. Either way really, the wait will have you pay more one way or the other, whether its for increased utility prices or the loss of rebate schemes. So why not act now and lock in a fixed electricity rate?

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