Mobile Phone Chargers Go Green

Mobile phone chargers are not really chargers, only adapters that provide a power source for the charging circuitry which is almost always contained within the mobile phone. Nowadays mobile phones are essential part of life and it is one of the most important modes of communication.

Mobile phones are the cause of eco-pollution that comes from large number of still-in-use cell phones and out-of-use cell phones. The need is to curtail the use of cell phones. Toxic products like lead, mercury, cadmium and other materials pose a real threat to our ecosystem. Handset manufacturers are very interested and showing emphasis on manufacturing not only environmentally-friendly handsets but also eco-friendly chargers.

Mobile communication to go green has brought forward innovative new designs with latest technology and skills to please customers. Solar energy, wind energy and kinetic energy are energy sources that will be harnessed to power the handsets. India has largest markets for mobile phones and it has proposed plans for mobile towers that will be powered by solar energy. China mobile is the leading Chinese telecommunication operator and has already setup the world’s biggest solar energy powered base station in China.

Nokia, mobile phones manufacturer is trying to manufacture such cell phones that will use ambient radio waves. This type of mobile phones prototype can harness 50mW of power from radio waves which is ample to power the cell-phone in standby mode. Cell-phone manufacturing industry is busy in introducing solar-powered cell-phones. Pop by LG, Blue-earth by Samsung and two other Sharp Models are new prototypes using solar power.

Eco-friendly mobile phones are gaining popularity and now mobile phone chargers are also going green. Many chargers will be made with environmentally friendly materials and will be powered by renewable energy sources. As solar power is unavailable at night time, so the idea of using kinetic energy to generate electrons is now being explored.

There are some other plans on the anvil e-g, fuel cells which can generate power from water; generating power from sources that are unconventional like cold drink or alcohol. So the day is not so far when the mobile communication will totally goes green and it will use only power made from renewable energy.