Making a Solar Heater With Car Radiator

Radiator is a tool placed in the vehicle engine to protect the engine from overheating. The radiator keeps the engine cool and prevents it from getting damaged. Not only this but the there are several other uses of a car radiator. If you are thinking to buy a water heater, and possess a radiator you can save money and get your hot water. We will tell you how to make a solar heater from a car radiator. Radiators can be used to make cheap and strong water heaters.

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Simple Technique and Simple Tools

You don’t need to be an expert in auto mechanics or electronics. Any average person without any knowledge of engineering can make a solar heater with a car radiator. All you need is a car radiator, a screwdriver, tack hammer, black spray paint, two rubber radiator pipes and two pipe fasteners. Once you have collected all the tools and gadgets you are ready to start your project.Radiator is the main component of your project therefore it is necessary for you to check it properly. Before you start make sure if it has been repaired, and does not leak. The radiator you will be using should also be properly flushed and pressurized. An unchecked or leaking radiator might not work properly and can cause problems later on.

Flattening, Connecting and Coloring

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Flatten all the fins on both sides of the radiator. Use rubber hammer to flatten the fins. Temping of the radiator fins will enhance the functioning of the radiator as solar heater. It will prevent the airflow, and the temperature of the water will remain constant. You certainly don’t want to keep the look of radiator as it is. Use the black spray paint to color both sides of your radiator.

Attach the radiator pumps to the solar heater. Fasten the pumps with pump fasteners and connect them to the water grid. Place your solar heater in the south side of your roof for an optimized performance. To contain the heat use tampered glasses. Solar heaters connected with the water system will fulfill your needs of hot water.