Major Gases Responsible For Global Warming

The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the earth keeps itself warm enough for the living organisms to survive. However, due to the human intervention, the level of these greenhouse gases has increased to such an extent that the greenhouse effect is become hazardous for human life.


Greenhouse gases are heat trapping gases formed on earth through natural processes and human activities, which then enter the atmosphere. Here are some of the major gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is being emitted in the air constantly as every time you breathe, a tiny amount of CO2 enters the atmosphere. However, this is an extremely small amount as compared to the CO2 produced when wood and fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal are burnt. Many other industries also produce CO2 as a by product. Although plants get rid of the CO2 present in the air during photosynthesis. With the increase in the fossil fuel combustion and deforestation, atmospheric CO2 has increased greatly. Carbon dioxide is accountable for most of the global warming, and with the ongoing rate, atmospheric CO2 level can almost double as soon as in 2050.

2. Methane

Similar to CO2, methane gas is also given out during the production and transportation of oil, gas, and coal. Methane is also given off into the environment from the gastric emissions and from decomposing manure and organic wastes in solid-waste landfills. The level of methane in the atmosphere has already doubled since the industrial revolution.

3. Nitrous oxide

This gas is produced the most due to agricultural and industrial activity, including fossil fuel combustion.

4. Fluorinated gases (halocarbons)

Fluorinated gases are produced solely due to human industrial activities. No natural source produces this gas.

Although all of these gases contribute towards the global warming, CO2 and methane are particularly important. And as CO2 has the ability to stay in the atmosphere for about 50 to 200 years and methane for almost 12 years, quick action is required to monitor these gas emissions, in order to control the increasing effects of global warming, and thus protect the human health.

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