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Pumping Water with Solar Or Wind Energy

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It may be true that electricity is not the basic necessity of life but its deprivation can cause us difficulties in accessing the basic necessities of life. Where there are no power lines life becomes quite difficult to spend, but now thanks to the sun we can now take benefit of solar energy.

Solar pumps are a clean and very simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and of course windmills. Solar pump has the ability to produce more water as compared to a windmill or generator even in the harsh climate. Solar pumps are basically designed in such a way that they utilize DC power supply from the panels consisting of photovoltaic cells. Solar pumps can also be modified to operate on AC power supply.

Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Solar water pumps are designed in such a way that they only use DC electric supply from a panel consisting of photovoltaic cells. They must operate at low power during the low light conditions. They must not be stalled or over heated.

Low pumps utilize low volumetric mechanisms due to which the water is sealed in the cavities and forced upward. Where there is a need for high volumes of water then centrifugal pumps are used.

Surface pumps are mounted on the ground level, whereas submersible pumps are lowered into water. Submersible pumps are quite common in deep water wells.

Pump Controller

Pump controller is also known as the current booster. It is an electronic device utilized by most of the solar pumps. It works like an automatic transmission device.

It helps the pump to start and preventing it stalling in case of weak sunlight.

Solar Tracker

Solar pumps are also fitted with solar trackers. Solar trackers adjust the PV array according to the position of the sun, thereby increasing the energy gain up to 55%.Where there is availability of more peak sun hours then overall cost can be reduced by employing a smaller pump and a smaller power supply.

Tracking is efficient most when the weather is clear and sunny, at the same time it is less effective as the weather turns cloudy and cold.


The most important part is that of storage. Storage depends upon the climate and the usage of water. It may be possible that only three to four days storage may be required. For the sake of simplicity and economy some systems use water storage rather than batteries. A float switch is fitted in the pump which turns the pump off when the water tank is filled, so as to prevent the overflow and wasting of water.

Advantages Of Solar Pumps

Comparison of a solar pump and a windmill is quite meaning less as the solar pumps are quite easy to install and maintain as compared to the windmill and also they are less expensive.

Livestock Watering

Solar pumps are used for watering the livestock. Cattle ranchers enthusiastically use solar pumps. Read the full story

We Share This Earth – A Provoking Thought

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Climate change over the past decade has been one of the most serious issues for people. Global Warming has ignited several causes to save planet Earth. Earth is the home to several species of Plants, Animals, Insects, Birds, Marine life and Human Beings.

Why I Cant Be A Skeptic

Why I Cant Be A Skeptic

We come across the 4 seasons and experience the delights of Mother Nature such as rainfall and snowfall. We live here and it is our responsibility to work towards the betterment of this society. Scientists over a course of decades have come to the conclusion that if we do not take preventative measures to bring a change, the consequences may be dire. Here are the top 10 reasons why climate change cannot be denied by anybody.

Rise to 6 Degree Celsius – Proven Theory

The temperature of Earth may rise to over 1, 2, 3 or 4 degree centigrade over the next 50 years. What will happen if this occurs? Scientists have agreed mutually that if the Earth’s temperature rises by over 1 degree, the melting of Glaciers will continue. Many of the animals like Seal’s, Panda’s and Polar Bears may face extinction. The risk of flooding will greatly increase in the eastern horizons. Agricultural problems will surface. Many species of animals and birds will lose their habitats as well.

We Already See the Signs

Wars will be fought over the right to food and drinking water. Forest fires will become common and many of the worlds most scenic and dense vegetations like Amazon forest will become a victim of deforestation. People will resort to violence and the Earth as we know today may not ever be able to return to its normal climate.

4 Degree Rise is Proved

At 3.5 degrees rise, Earth will experience rash and unpredictable weather conditions. Tornadoes, Sea Storms, Hurricanes and flooding will be common. The snow accumulated over the European Alps, Indies, Asian Mountain Ranges and the North and South Pole will completely be melted. Antarctica will no longer exist. The world will fall in panic. 4 degree centigrade rise is much the same as 3.5 or 3 degrees. Low lying African countries like Egypt will be lost completely to the sea with Bangladesh. New deserts will appear all over the world in places like Spain.

Skeptic May Lose Life

These are some of the effects of a 4 degree temperature rise. Imagine what will happen if it crosses the checkpoint of 5 and 6 degrees? A major chunk of Earth will be uninhabitable for Earthlings. People will resort to Northern Europe as refugee’s. The resources to accommodate these people will slowly vanquish. Methane Gas will rise from the Ocean bed and add to the Greenhouse gases.

Things Need To Be Worked Out

Things Need To Be Worked Out

Weather change is one of the most deadly of issues these days. The reason why I do not doubt the authenticity of this cause is because I experience the effects of climate change myself. As an individual, one cannot neglect the effects of climate change. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in Iowa

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If you complete the questionnaire correctly on the Iowa solar power website, then one of the Iowa solar experts will make a call to you. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.



Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Try to Provide Accurate Information

If you supply the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered your electricity company supplier by taking its prices through some other mean, you will then get more accurate consumption of your current usage of power every month.

These details will assist you to determine about the number of solar panels required to supply you the percentage of solar power to fulfill your needs.

Free Solar Appraisal at Iowa

The State of Iowa is renowned of its prospective for wind energy as compare to its aspiration for using solar power. However, the best thing about solar kits is that these can function efficiently almost in any area as long as the weather is sunny as against the wind turbines.

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Disadventages of Solar Water Heater

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The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is on the rise. Several equipments and house hold items are run on the power generated from the sunlight. These items include solar powered lights, solar inverters, generators, and solar water heaters. Solar heater provides the facility of warm water whenever needed. It is no doubt that solar water heater come with advantages, but there are certain disadvantages of solar water heater as well.

Soaring Prices of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. People purchase these heaters according to their affordability and according to their needs. Though the sale of products which run on solar energy is on the rise, but not all the people can afford solar water heater, or require them. There are heaters which use gas or electricity to produce heat. These heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters.

If a comparison is made between the prices of gas or electric heater to the prices of solar heater, you will see an astonishing difference. A solar water heater can cost you from 800 USD to 32, 00 USD. The cost of solar panel used in the heater makes the price of the solar water heater high.

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Easiest Ways to Build Solar Panels

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Solar energy is now the talk and need of time, with ever increasing rates of utility bills and the depletion of natural resources leading to their inflated costs. It is time that we switch to the mode of power generation that is not only economical, cheap, eco-friendly but also very efficient the solar energy.

The Solar energy generated power saves you money in lieu of your electricity bill but what if the solar panels itself is very expensive. Many people would be more than willing in fact very eager to have the solar panel installed to save themselves all the energy cost but what holds them back is the high cost of   the solar panel.

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

The good news is that the solar panels can be built at home, in fact all what is required to build a solar panel can be put together by you to make a solar panel yourself at a very reasonable rate. This is further good news for people who wish to avail the solar energy generated mode of power, now you don’t even have to pay the initial high investment cost for buying the solar panel.

Solar Panel Requisites

Solar panel basically, amongst other, components constitutes of the photovoltaic cells that absorb the energy from sun rays and then this energy is converted into the electric current that we use. These photovoltaic cells are now abundantly available in the market and can be purchased in bulk, depending upon your energy usage.

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Advantages Of Home Solar Power

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The use of solar panels is on the rise. Many people who want to save money are using solar panels to fulfill their energy needs. You can get the benefits of a residential power system. There are a few things which must be taken into consideration before setting up a residential solar power.


Position matters the most

The solar panels work on sunlight. They absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity or other forms of energy. Before installing your solar panels make sure that they are placed in position where they receive sufficient sunlight.

If your house is in an area which remains clouded or there are tall buildings, around it; which block sun most of the time, your solar panels may not work efficiently. If the solar panels don’t receive the required sunlight their performance will decrease.

For an optimized performance of the solar panel the tilt of the collector matters a lot. The panels should be tilted in the direction of the sunlight. If the panels are tilted low they will receive maximum sunlight during summer. Usually the tilt is same as that of the roof.

If you want the solar panels to collect maximum sunlight, position them in south. If they are positioned south they will receive sunlight for a long time. North is the least likely direction for your solar panels.

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How Solar Water Pump Works?

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These solar pumps utilize solar energy instead of regular electricity to pull the water. Solar pumps are better for the environment as compare to the conventional pumps. These pumps use solar energy which does not release any harmful emission into the environment. Since these pumps get their energy from the sun, they save non-renewable energy.

Solar pumps are best for areas where power sources are not readily available. People of the areas which experience regular power load-shedding can also get benefit from solar pumps. These pumps can be placed anywhere away from the source of power. If the well is half a mile away from your home, solar pumps are your preferable device to get water out of the well. All you have to do is to connect the pump to the grid and it will pump the water for you.

solar pump installation

Types of Solar Pump Systems

Since the pumps work on sunlight, therefore place them in areas which receive maximum sunlight. There are two types of system available with solar pumps, systems which are fixed and systems which move in the direction of the sun.

The systems which move in the direction of the sun are the tracker systems. The tracker systems are expensive, as compare to the systems which are fixed. The tracker systems collect more sunlight and are more efficient.

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Selecting Solar Panel Design

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Solar Water Heater System Costs and Plans

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To make utilization of solar energy for heating the water is cheap, energy proficient and additionally without further charges after making the primary investment.

An Old Technology

This technology of heating water with solar power has been half century old. In some of the global areas, especially Israel; solar hot water heaters are regularly being utilized. You will find below the technique of solar hot water heaters and what kind of systems can be used with advantages and disadvantages.

solar water heater system

Technical Information

The major two ingredients of a solar water heater are the solar collector and the storage tank. Likewise the other hot water heaters, tank should be with ample padding. It must have an outward vent and cove that make supply into solar collector. Few of the solar hot water heaters comprise of two tanks; the tank that first heats up the water then supplies it into the normal water heater.

Passive/Solar Solar Water Heating System

You also have a choice to make utilization of either an active solar water heating system or a passive solar water heating system. The active system comprise of control panels and flowing pumps. On the other hand, passive system does not have these. In the passive one, you practically make utilization of sun for directly heating the water with no dependence on solar panel.

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Understanding Climate and Weather

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We all remember learning terms such as “climate” and “weather” back in our primary school days, but not all of us stay in touch with these (until commonly used) to be able to differentiate them. Let us take a look at what the weather of the earth is and what the climate is.

Climate of the Earth

climate of the Earth

The climate of the earth can be defined in different ways. It all depends on the speculations of the people. However, climate can be defined as the weather averaged for a long period of time. We can judge the climate, considering a number of years, by the rainfall and the changes in it’s amount, the pressure of the wind and the fluctuation of the temperature. Every place has a different climate. It depends on the location of the place, the sea level and the height from the sea level. Read the full story

Effects Of Global Warming On Humans

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Global warming is not only hazardous for animals and environment, it can have some serious effects on human health as well. Being exposed to the hot weather directly can majorly affect one’s health. In the 1980s and ’90s, heat stroke was responsible for killing almost 200 Americans a year, but the average number is now about 700 a year.

Global Warming

Bad news is that as the earth warms up, heat related illnesses and deaths will increase greatly as well. In addition to the hot weather, climate change includes several other changes as well including an increase in the number of typhoons, floods, and wildfires, causing some major injuries, deaths, psychological traumas, and damages to the human lives.