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Rising Waters Submerge an Island

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Natural disasters have been increasing in numbers, over the years. The worst part about them is that they cannot be stopped. And once they have subsided the damage they cause is often irreversible. It seems that an island has been submerged by rising waters.


This island has been in dispute, between India and Bangladesh. It seems that both these countries shall not have to worry about who owns it now. Whether the island resurfaces or not only time will tell.

The Disaster

Scientists in India and Bangladesh claim that an island has been submerged under rising waters. It is being called a Bay of Bengal island. There have been reports stating that the whole island has disappeared.

In India the island is known as New Moore Island and in Bangladesh as the South Talpatti Island. The School of Oceanographic Studies at Kolkata’s Jadavpur University have also affirmed the news. They said that the island appears to be completely underwater on recent satellite images.

Other Islands

After the disappearance of this island there has been other disturbing news. The BBC also reported that other islands, in the region, could disappear. Scientists have confirmed this fact.

Once this starts happening people in those areas will face alot of problems. They will have to start finding new homes. For poor people this will be impossible as they have no other homes.

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Global Warming – As An Opinion

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Global warming is a hot, controversial topic, that seems to be eating away at every citizen, every leadership and every country, but the sad fact; people don’t care less. So what exactly is this thing called, “Global Warming”? Let’s have a closer look.

As Public Opinion

As an opinion global warming means, the end of the world. Ask any common citizen or even a kid as to what they think is global warming, you’ll get a straight answer, “the Earth dying.” No scientific claims, no political answers. And this public opinion is in a way true. With the constant pollution and emission of dangerous gases, our planet Earth is slowly, gradually suffocating and dying, and if this is the pattern that we continue to live in, Mother Nature might as well bid us farewell. Still people will continue to use a car for a five minutes walk, continue to burn stuff, continue to live life like as if nothing affects them.

global warming

As a Political Opinion

Politicians in collaboration with multinational leaders may state global warming as a “social and financial concern”. Social as it would require  massive setups to control it and financial as most politicians and corporates don’t really want to waste their invested money in carbon fuels and oil.

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Understanding Climate and Weather

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We all remember learning terms such as “climate” and “weather” back in our primary school days, but not all of us stay in touch with these (until commonly used) to be able to differentiate them. Let us take a look at what the weather of the earth is and what the climate is.

Climate of the Earth

climate of the Earth

The climate of the earth can be defined in different ways. It all depends on the speculations of the people. However, climate can be defined as the weather averaged for a long period of time. We can judge the climate, considering a number of years, by the rainfall and the changes in it’s amount, the pressure of the wind and the fluctuation of the temperature. Every place has a different climate. It depends on the location of the place, the sea level and the height from the sea level. Read the full story

Step Up To Stop Climate Change

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We already know about the increasing hazards of climate change, but instead of accepting the disasters as nature’s revenge and continuing to burn fossil fuels into CO2, it is extremely important that we take appropriate steps to control the problems.

Global Warming

The rate of success will rely on our efforts and whether we are able to control the issue through scientific research, new public policies, and better personal choices that are environment friendly.

Here are some of the things that we can do to help towards the conservation of energy and environment and thus alter the increasing rate of climate change.

1. Walk instead of Drive

Try to walk or ride a bike for transportation. This way, you won’t just cut back on your fuel bills and generate less CO2, you’ll burn off that extra fat that, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, depression, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.

Effects Of Global Warming On Humans

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Global warming is not only hazardous for animals and environment, it can have some serious effects on human health as well. Being exposed to the hot weather directly can majorly affect one’s health. In the 1980s and ’90s, heat stroke was responsible for killing almost 200 Americans a year, but the average number is now about 700 a year.

Global Warming

Bad news is that as the earth warms up, heat related illnesses and deaths will increase greatly as well. In addition to the hot weather, climate change includes several other changes as well including an increase in the number of typhoons, floods, and wildfires, causing some major injuries, deaths, psychological traumas, and damages to the human lives.

Global Warming Prevention

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Global warming can be described as an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which is ultimately causing changes in world’s climate. These warming effects are heading towards the change in rainfall patterns, rise in sea level and serious repercussions on plants, wildlife and human beings. Basically the scientists relate this alteration with the mal activities of humans. global warming

The effects of global warming and climate change are of a serious concern to both the human life and the environment as well. It is predicted that due this global warming climatic changes can turn to extreme weather events. In order to reduce this concern, many countries have implemented various policies and the rest are in the process of focusing on this. It is imperative on every individual’s part to play his apt role in overcoming these global changes. You can be a part of the solution by adopting some easy ways in fighting against global warming.

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