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Energy Of Waves

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Water is a very important source of life, required to every living thing on this Earth whereas; it also becomes the source of energy. It has been discovered for a long time that Ocean waves is a powerful source to generate energy which is useful to make electricity, water pumping and water desalination.

In year 2003, a non profit organization ‘the Wave Energy Centre (WavEC)’ was founded for the development of the technologies required to full fill the purpose and to promote the idea of production of energy without emission of greenhouse gases pollution. Several devices are engineered by the experts in order to harness wave energy to generate electricity; these devices are attenuator, point absorbers and etc. Read the full story

Wave Power and Electricity

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The Ocean waves has been proved as a great source of energy. The power of ocean waves can be utilized in an effective way to generate electricity to meet the demands of the rising energy crisis.

wave energy

If you have a quick look on the globe, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a very small part of dry land, as compared to the water. The water covers almost 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Thus if we can make use of this 70% to generate power for the people living on the 30% land, it will more than enough to meet all the daily needs.

Wave energy is about exploiting the phenomenal power of water waves. Waves have an enormous amount of unused energy, some of which can be used to power at least a portion of the world’s everyday electricity.

Some Facts About Solar Energy

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Our Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of solar radiations at the upper atmosphere, out of which almost 30% is reflected back to space whereas the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land energy

The Earth’s land surface, oceans and atmosphere that absorb solar radiation, raises their temperature. This causes warm air that contains evaporated water from the oceans to rise, causing atmospheric circulation or convection.

The water cycle gets completed when the air reaches a high altitude, where low temperature prevails, and the water vapor condenses into clouds, which rain onto the Earth’s surface.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

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There are various environment friendly and renewable energy resources available that offer alternate source of energy and help to nullify the effects of certain forms of pollution. All these power generation techniques can be described as renewable because they are not reducing the quantity of any resources to create the energy.

Here is a list of the top 10 renewable energy resources.

# 1 – Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is obtained through any nuclear technology designed to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei through controlled nuclear reactions. Currently,  only fission nuclear method is used, though other methods might one day include nuclear fusion and radioactive decay.


The reactors heat up the water to produce steam, which is then converted into mechanical work for the purpose of generating electricity or propulsion.

Fourteen percent of the world’s electricity is produced by nuclear energy. U.S. , France, and Japan together account for 56.5% of nuclear generated electricity.

439 nuclear power reactors are in operation around the world in 31 countries. According to the figures of World Nuclear Association during 1980s one new nuclear reactor starts up in every 17 days on average, and this ratio will increase till 2015 up to one reactor every 5 days.

France gets cleanest air than any other industrialized country because of nuclear power, and also cheapest electricity in all of Europe. For reducing mass and making more energy France reprocesses it nuclear waste.

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Oceans: A Big Source of Energy

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We know that Ocean is big, and we can avail it in a great extent. Oceans cover a large part of the globe, we can utilize the ocean energy in creating electricity. There are very few power plants of oceans and probably are small. But the main point to think over is how can we get ocean energy?There are three different ways we can use ocean energy, one by using the ocean waves, other by using its low and high tides and the third is by using the different temperatures of the water of the ocean. In this post we will briefly have a look at each method.ocean power

Wave Energy

ocean waves are in motion so they possess kinetic energy. this kinetic energy can be used to power turbine. One example is waves passes through the chamber and pushes the air outside the chamber, this air in motion turns the turbine that motivates the generator. wave ocean As the waves goes down the air that was pushed up returns back into the chamber through doors that are usually closed. Apart from this system, other wave-energy system has piston that powers up with the upside down motion of the waves in a cylinder. This piston can also turn generator on. These systems are not too big, but they are capable enough to light up the light house or warning buoy.

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Urine Powered Batteries. Are You Serious?

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So, your little gadget just ran out of juice. You live in a wilderness and there is no shop around for 20 square miles. You don’t have to worry if you have this little “NO PO PO” (No Pollution Power) batteries. Just pee into your batteries. Absurd? This is what I thought about when I looked at this picture below in an article I found while stumbling. In fact Maria of sent it to me.

I was curious about this newly discovered source of energy. Also I was also very much concerned about the health of the person, whose urine is used in the photo below. It is pale to an alarming extent.. Aaargh..

So I did a little google search on NoPoPo Batteries. I found this and this and this

It doesn’t really sound practical for everyday use, does it? But as vile as the Nopopo (which stands for no pollution power) batteries sound, you don’t just point and shoot/aim and go all over the batteries to recharge them. Instead, there is a pipette. Though, how you pee into it without getting it all over your hands, shoes and the floor is a mystery.

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