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Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating System

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Thermosiphon systems work on convective mode of heat transfer. The heating of water on large scale is the need of domestic as well as many industrial users. Different kinds of geyser and other devices are available in the market to accomplish this purpose. They use different kinds of energies like electrical, mechanical, chemical etc. and convert it in to thermal energy.

With the evolution of the concept of renewable energy and the development in solar technology, thermosiphon solar geysers are becoming common.

Modes of heat transfer

Generally, there are three modes of heat transfer.

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

 Conduction takes place in metals and convection is the phenomenon occurring in fluids. Radiation has something to do with heat transfer through waves. This is the way through which heat of the sun reaches the earth.

Convection in thermosiphon systems

The main working principle of a thermosiphon water heating system is convection. Convection is responsible for uniformly heating any liquid. Here the fluid of our interest is water.

 As you know, fluid when heated rises up. The same thing happens in thermosiphon water heating systems. Hot water rises up and the cold water comes down. In this way the whole water is heated uniformly.

The top layers of hot water are then passed to the places where they are desired to be used. The lower colder layers are further heated.

Gravity in thermosiphon systems

Gravity is the second most important factor that plays a vital role in the functioning of a thermosiphon solar water heating system.

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Solar Hot Water Program Offered By LIPA

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Solar hot water (SHW) program is especially created for LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) customers. At the moment it heats water using a water heater that is powered by electricity. Down here is listing some important facts.

Important facts:

Many people may not be completely aware of what exactly is the system and why should they have it. Some important points are discussed here:

  • Unlike solar photovoltaics (PV); SHW technology uses thermal energy that it produces itself to heat water used in household.
  • Unlike any other power source, SHW will enable you to enjoy energy efficient technologies that provide same amount of power without a fail to your home.
  • It’s well known for being environment-friendly since a long time because it causes a drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. So the atmosphere around is not polluted.
  • It is certainly cost-effective as compared to electricity. There will be a considerable decrease in the amount of monthly electricity bills you ought to pay. It’s a great money saving technique.
  • Not only it will it be economical, but for the next 25 years, it will also allow you to consume less electricity for the purpose of heating water that is used for household purposes.

Get An Efficient System:

The answer is simple. As you know after space heating, its water heating that costs the highest amount in any household. This is a crucial matter that must not be neglected. So it’s really necessary to have a system that not only saves money but is also equally efficient without any drawbacks.

Energy requirement:  

SWH, solar water heating system is designed in such a way that it has a capacity to fulfill the demand in the house for heating  a sufficiently high portion of water. A typical such system will suffice to get up to 70% of water heating needs on annual basis. A single collector system produces 34 gallons of water every single day.

Economical benefits:

By considering the above advantage, imagine how much money you can save out of that you have to pay for the monthly electricity.

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Solar Powered Pool Heating Units

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Solar energy can be used to work out any common power requirements for domestic usage. An individual can take full advantage of this form of energy. Solar pool heating is another aspect of solar energy which has not gone unnoticed. The costs of installing the system are very high but the aftermath of this process is quite advantageous. Solar energy heats the water which is collected in a pool and increases temperature of the system.

The Solar Pool Heating Systems

The Solar Pool Heating Systems

The solar pool heaters are pollution free and produce energy for as long as the sunlight is available. These solar pool heating systems are fully operational even on cloudy days when sunlight is less. If direct sunlight fells on them, these systems are much stronger if direct sunlight falls upon them. A person may want to install more and better solar cells for increasing the system efficiency. The solar pool heaters are very price effective to use.

The Equipment for Solar Pool Heating System

The equipment required to complete a solar pool heating system is simple and very elegant. A solar collector is the foremost requirement of any solar pool heating system. It is normally located on the rooftop of the house and collects heat from the sun. Some collectors make use of filters to filter out UV Rays while some do not use it.

The Glass Covering for Pools

The glass covering is found on top of these collectors to avoid particles of dust to get inside the water. The panels are normally made from rubber and treated in a unique manner so they are not spoiled by the rays of the sunlight or the harsh climate. Read the full story

Products Of Solar Thermal Systems And Their Working

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The three common and primary applications of thermal systems at home are heating, cooling and hot water. There are numerous types of thermal products available these days. They could be the essential components for the home system or may be a single room. The different types of thermal system include geothermal, solar thermal, gas-powered and radiant floor heating.

Products Of Solar Thermal System

Products Of Solar Thermal System

Generally the broader side of the thermal products is considered. For example, if someone is looking for a solar thermal system, the immediate reaction is the thought of collectors, storage tanks, pumps and some other pipes or tubing. Some of the other very useful products are actuators, expansion tanks, controllers, insulation and PEX tubing.

Thermal Pumps

The alternative energy systems for heating and cooling home is the use of thermal pumps, better known as heat pumps. The heat pumps draw energy from the earth, underground water, surface water, air and waste heat from different mechanical system. These are similar to the refrigerators that draw heat from the outside source rather than food.

Working Of Thermal Pumps

The geothermal pump or the ground source heat pump is the some of the common application of thermal pumps these days. The pump effectively cools and preheats indoor air. Read the full story

Advance Technology Of Solar Air Conditioning For Homes

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Solar air conditioning is considered as one of the feasible means of home cooling in the near future. Although it is solar hot water systems are most common in use nowadays but the technology and the new home designs are getting advance day by day. There are some active and some passive home applications for solar cooling.

Active Systems

Active Systems

Solar desiccant and solar absorption are the two major kinds of active systems in these days for homes. Other actives systems include solar powered ventilation and solar “swamp coolers”.

Passive Systems

Solar cooling towers and passive solar ventilation are home design methods. Solar attic fans and solar gable fans are easily available and very low cot recourses. There are a number of benefits of solar air conditioning and ventilation.

Solar Compressor Cooler

Solar compressor coolers and the conventional air conditioning or refrigeration systems are similar. Electrical compressor is powered by the solar energy. The air is being passed through a condenser after being compressed and heated. This is absorbed by the condenser and air cool air is produced as a result. The absorption system can be single-, double-, and triple-effect cooler would be more efficient if there are more cycles.


Compressor based refrigeration systems can be powered by photovoltaic as well. They are more commonly used in Asia. Read the full story

A Guide to Solar Power Energy

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Sun is the source of the cheapest and the safer and cleaner form of power. Sunlight has most widely been utilized for a variety of purposes both on commercial and residential levels. Sun power is usable in all forms, in unprocessed form it has been helping mankind for various purposes like for laundry drying, crops rearing and for the sustainability of life. With the advances in technology, scientists started to use solar energy for various purposes by converting it into reusable energy.

Benefits of Solar Power Energy

Benefits of Solar Power Energy

Solar energy is far feasible than conventional energy. It is available at free of cost and it is renewable. Sun power energy is feasible for areas where there is a lot of full and strong sunlight, but have little electrical infrastructure. These areas can make most of sun power energy.

Downside of Solar Power Energy

The downside of solar power energy is that it is reliable only in those areas that receive full and strong sunlight. Sunlight cannot be collected and absorbed during night time. Also, a number of collectors are required in order to produce a little bit of solar energy. Despite of these setbacks, sun power energy still remains a popular source of the production of power among its counterparts.

Ways to Harness Solar Power Energy

There are various ways by which sun power energy can easily be harnessed, so it can be utilized in different things. Read the full story

Costs of Photovoltaic Cells

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Photovoltaic Cells are used in the solar power panels to produce electricity. The energy which is generated from the PV Cells is cheap and very powerful. PV Cells have completely changed and redirected the efforts of several experts who are dedicatedly working towards finding better means of power generation. Solar energy is very popular and many people use it. However, the costs associated with its implementation are high and stressful.

Solar Power Panels – PV Cells

Solar Power Panels – PV Cells

Many people completely decide to make a shift towards solar power. Despite any decision that people make, they are not able to completely movie towards solar energy. The solar power panels are expensive and contractors charge the people who install them on a regular basis. Many people often find their life savings to be invested in a solar power system. This aspect of solar power makes it unpopular among people as its initial costs are high.

The Upfront Costs

The up-front costs which are associated with Solar Power are of mediocre value. Many people find these costs to be affording and ultimately decide to give in the payment. Read the full story

Solar Installation Professionals

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Solar installation is a technique use to produce solar energy.  Solar installation means the installation of solar panels. Solar energy is a very cheap source of energy. Solar installation professionals install this setup very efficiently.  These professionals are specially trained to install this setup. The professionals can select this place very well. They are able to produce much energy by selecting right place. But solar panels do the main work. These solar panels are made by connecting solar cells. One solar cell produces very low energy. But collectively they can produce much electric energy.

Procedure Of Solar Installation

Procedure Of Solar Installation

Solar installation needs particular place for efficient work. The selection of right place depends on the intensity of rays coming from the sun at that place. In this way solar panel will produce more electrical energy. Selection of reliable roof is necessary in solar installation. It must be capable of holding solar panel. It should not be inclined at very big angle. In every country, many solar companies have solar installation professionals. People are getting awareness from them about the right procedure of installation. Only professionals can tell them exact procedure.

Working Of Installed System

The working of installed system depends on the solar cells. A solar cell directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. Read the full story

Flat Plate Solar Energy Collectors

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Solar energy is the most useful source of fuel that is available all over the world for no cost. You are not required to pay a single dime for getting sunlight. Conversion of solar energy to other forms of energy makes it possible to get incredible applications without offering any threat to the environment.

Solar collectors

Solar collectors

If you are thinking about getting a sole energy system for your house, you must keep in mind that solar collectors are the most vital part of the design. The main function of the solar collectors is to collect the solar energy or heat, which is then converted into electrical energy mostly and stored in battery. Flat plate solar collectors are gaining popularity with the passage of time.

Applications and installing of solar collectors

You are most likely to be looking for more information about the flat polar solar collectors. The major applications of these sorts of collectors include water heating, pool heating, and space heating. The common place of installment for flat plate solar collectors is the roof of the building containing solar energy systems. The flat collectors are suitable for collecting heat at temperature less than 180 degree Fahrenheit.

Basic types of solar collectors

Basically there are three types of solar collectors that are named evacuated tube collectors, flat plate solar collectors, and integral collector storage systems. Read the full story

Businessmen Who Are In Need To Decrease Or Eliminate Electricity Bills

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With each passing day businessmen across U.S, who were exhausted by paying soaring charges of electricity, are making use of generous discounts& excise credits after installation of Solar powered systems for domestic and business use.

Many states across U.S have taken an initiative regarding this. For instance, California   has tendered discount of $4000 per KW of solar power & a 15% excise credit with increased downgrading option.

Contrast to yesteryear’s solar energy systems, which only helped in production of hot water, the new systems in reality generates electricity. Dependable power to function computer systems, cash registers, pumps, cooling, lights & numerous other kind of tools, all this from the power generated by the sun & that too free of cost.

Will I Need to disengage from My Electricity company?

Will I Need to disengage from My Electricity company

It won’t be necessary to disengage from your electricity company, you will stay connected to them, but you wouldn’t need to use the electricity produced by the, Instead, your business will become a self sufficient energy producer.

Solar powered systems have nearly reached play & play clarity. They are nearly noise free, no decisive monitoring & no parts that may rupture if moved. Solar panels only take a seat under the sun and that’s all that is required to generate energy. As a matter of fact the average solar panel also carries a 25 years warranty and majority of time they are predicted to last twice as much.

Technical Description

Refer to the details above that demonstrates configuration of a solar powered system. On the left if the Solar PV Array which is the energy gathering unit, this will be escalated on the ground, a post or roof top as demonstrated. To get utmost contact with the sun, point the array towards south and tilt it.

The gathered energy will then travel through the wire as DC to your power conversion unit, popularly known as an inverter and invert DC into AC.

The inverter will then orchestrate your AC current that it generates with the electricity companies AC current which will travel via your utility meter and reach the grid. Your actual utility meter will then work unhurriedly as you are generating power, and a lot of times run backwards. If you reside in a “Net Metering State” like California your power supplying company will be obligated to pay you for the production of power.

Are Batteries required for Solar system?

To use batteries or not is something of a personal choice. Battery backed and Battery less systems, both the systems will give the excess energy produced back to the electricity company.

When a power failure occurs then the distinction becomes evident. In a battery less system, if there is a power outage, the system will itself shutdown. There will be no power available  until the power company restores it.

Safety Concerns

This has more to do with safety than anything else. During a power failure if a lineman has been sent for repairing, it would be nothing short of dangerous to feed power, when the lineman is working with the mindset thinking that no power is available. For this reason only the system structure makes it unworkable in case of power failure.

The battery backed systems use a completely diverse design. Similar to battery less inverters, the solar panel will feed energy via the company meter until the company’s system is running normally, helping in bill reduction. Read the full story

Flat-Plate Solar Collectors

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Initiation of every solar thermal heating process takes place with thermal collectors. These collectors are used to trap the solar radiations and draw heat from these radiations. These radiations pass through the liquid or air enclosed in the tube. These tube transfers the solar-heated to the system installed in the house.

Circulation systems in the collectors

Circulation systems in the collectors

There are two heat circulation systems open and closed loop system. In the open loop system the indoor air is heated by directly passing it through the thermal collector and in the closed loop system the heat exchanger transfers its heat to the inner parts of the home.  Flat-plate collectors are most commonly type of collectors used these days. These collectors are either liquid or air-based. Evacuated tube collectors can provide the most efficient of gathering solar heat. Flat-plate collectors are inexpensive and are mostly used at residential place or in any small scale application.

Flat plate Liquid Solar Collectors

Flat-plate collectors consist of metal box that is insulated and covered by a gazing. Read the full story