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Solar Hot Water Program Offered By LIPA

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Solar hot water (SHW) program is especially created for LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) customers. At the moment it heats water using a water heater that is powered by electricity. Down here is listing some important facts.

Important facts:

Many people may not be completely aware of what exactly is the system and why should they have it. Some important points are discussed here:

  • Unlike solar photovoltaics (PV); SHW technology uses thermal energy that it produces itself to heat water used in household.
  • Unlike any other power source, SHW will enable you to enjoy energy efficient technologies that provide same amount of power without a fail to your home.
  • It’s well known for being environment-friendly since a long time because it causes a drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. So the atmosphere around is not polluted.
  • It is certainly cost-effective as compared to electricity. There will be a considerable decrease in the amount of monthly electricity bills you ought to pay. It’s a great money saving technique.
  • Not only it will it be economical, but for the next 25 years, it will also allow you to consume less electricity for the purpose of heating water that is used for household purposes.

Get An Efficient System:

The answer is simple. As you know after space heating, its water heating that costs the highest amount in any household. This is a crucial matter that must not be neglected. So it’s really necessary to have a system that not only saves money but is also equally efficient without any drawbacks.

Energy requirement:  

SWH, solar water heating system is designed in such a way that it has a capacity to fulfill the demand in the house for heating  a sufficiently high portion of water. A typical such system will suffice to get up to 70% of water heating needs on annual basis. A single collector system produces 34 gallons of water every single day.

Economical benefits:

By considering the above advantage, imagine how much money you can save out of that you have to pay for the monthly electricity.

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Making a Solar Heater With Car Radiator

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Radiator is a tool placed in the vehicle engine to protect the engine from overheating. The radiator keeps the engine cool and prevents it from getting damaged. Not only this but the there are several other uses of a car radiator. If you are thinking to buy a water heater, and possess a radiator you can save money and get your hot water. We will tell you how to make a solar heater from a car radiator. Radiators can be used to make cheap and strong water heaters.

 Solar kits

Simple Technique and Simple Tools

You don’t need to be an expert in auto mechanics or electronics. Any average person without any knowledge of engineering can make a solar heater with a car radiator. All you need is a car radiator, a screwdriver, tack hammer, black spray paint, two rubber radiator pipes and two pipe fasteners. Once you have collected all the tools and gadgets you are ready to start your project.Radiator is the main component of your project therefore it is necessary for you to check it properly. Before you start make sure if it has been repaired, and does not leak. The radiator you will be using should also be properly flushed and pressurized. An unchecked or leaking radiator might not work properly and can cause problems later on.

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